That’s a Wrap on HR Technology Week 2022!

As HR Technology Week comes to a close, we want to look back at all the offering and events that transpired throughout this exciting event!


Infographic | Now and Next: HR Technology

With many companies experiencing drastic changes due to COVID-19, 2022 is a critical time for businesses to reassess company strategy and technology. Shifting to remote and hybrid work, adapting training techniques, and recruiting and retaining talent are more important than ever. We asked people management and technology experts to weigh in on the current state and predicted future of HR technology.

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Panel Discussion | An Overarching Review of HR Technology in 2022

We’re joined by panelist Jason Treu, Chief People Officer at Unstoppable Workplaces, and Derek Williams, Director of HRIS at the University of Tulsa, to discuss the world of HR technology! Our expert panelists will focus on how HR leaders can leverage technology to effectively build a change management plan within their organizations in cybersecurity, strategic partnerships, digitization, the value of social interaction, and much more.

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HR Works Podcast  | A World of Opportunities in HR Tech

What role can technology play in helping today’s HR leaders navigate the modern workplace?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, offered as part of HR Technology Week, we are joined by Claudia Ivanova, Head of Human Resources for FISPAN, a market leader in ERP-banking and banking solutions.  Claudia discusses some of the top technology trends currently making an impact on the Human Resources community, as well as some factors HR professionals need to be thinking about as they grow and globalize their workforces in 2022.

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Educational Session | Building Belonging: Pronouns at Work

A critical part of helping people thrive at work is creating a safe space to work. Even in supportive environments, many transgender and gender-nonconforming people can still expect uncomfortable conversations as they come out over and over again, sometimes every day.  Belonging at work doesn’t just happen after the hire. It starts during the candidate experience, and small tweaks can lead to more inclusive communication for everyone. Katrina Kibben, Founder and CEO of Three Ears Media, leads this session to teach HR professionals how to be a better allies 

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Pages of HR Podcast  | The New Rules of Work

Kathryn Minshew is not only the CEO and Founder of The Muse—a career platform used by over 75 million people to find their best-fit jobs, companies, and careers—but she is also a nationally best-selling author. In our latest episode of “Pages of HR,” listen in as we discuss her book, “The New Rules of Work: The Muse Playbook for Navigating Your Career.” Whether you are starting out in your career, looking to advance, navigating a midcareer shift, or anywhere in between, this is the book you need to thrive in the New World of Work.

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Educational Session | Life-work Technology: Adaptability and a People-Centric Future

As we continue to navigate our tumultuous and dynamic workplace realities, our organizations and people have had to rapidly adapt, but our technologies haven’t kept up—until now. Conclude your day with a bonus session that offers an early look at UKG’s vision for Life-work Technology™. Learn how it helps organizations today and lays the foundation for a people-centric future. Cecile Alper-Leroux, GVP of Product and Innovation at UKG, discusses how Life-work Technology is people-centric and adaptable, and how to introduce it into your organization.

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“Faces of HR” Feature Interview  | Nolan Church on the Value of Coaching, Technology, and Failing Forward

Nolan Church, Cofounder and CEO of Continuum, has been involved in the field of human resources (HR) for nearly a decade. For our latest “Faces of HR” profile, we sat down with Nolan to discuss how he got his start in the industry, his biggest influence, as well as his thoughts on tech trends and best practices for the HR industry.

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Educational Session | Virtual Hiring Tips for the Year Ahead  

Virtual recruiting was making gains even before COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated it. Today, virtual recruiting is the primary recruitment method for a variety of organizations. A solid virtual recruitment strategy involves not only searching for candidates through professional sites, online career forums, and social media but also conducting virtual interviews and virtual onboarding processes. 

As many of HR professionals have seen first hand, virtual recruiting and interviewing benefits both employers and employees. It allows employers to access a larger pool of candidates and broadens career opportunities for potential employees. Virtual interviewing also speeds up the hiring process, saves time and money for both employers and employees, and improves employee retention. 

Spark Hire’s CEO and Founder, Josh Tolan, reviews advice and strategies for virtual hiring in 2022.

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Stay Tuned for More Exciting Events!

If you enjoyed this week’s event, mark your calendars for HR Now: Virtual Summit 2022, from March15—16, 2022. Our free education event will cover today’s hottest HR topics and provide solutions for the toughest challenges. Register for this event, here, and stay tuned for exciting content!