Happy Veterans’ Day 2022

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. Veterans represent 5.6% of today’s total civilian labor force, and they bring countless skills with them such as dedication, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. As we head into Veterans Day, we’ve collected our best articles that highlight the best practices and benefits of hiring veterans.

Top Myths and Misconceptions About Hiring Veterans

Civilians have a limited understanding of why people join the military, what happens when they’re in uniform, and what it means to transition to the civilian sector after a career of military service. This might explain many of the common myths and misperceptions about military veterans and why you, as hiring professionals, should pay attention to avoid them.

HR Works Podcast: The Advantage of Hiring Veterans

Jake Wood, Founder and CEO of Groundswell and accomplished Marines veteran, joins HR Works to share some of the unique, intangible skills that veterans possess and can bring into a role, as well as some great ways for HR leaders and organizations to support their veteran colleagues. Leading a scout sniper unit through deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jake brings immense experience and insight into the advantages, and even some challenges, that face veterans as they leave active duty and enter into the workforce.

Hiring Military Veterans: It’s Good for Business and the Right Thing to Do

There are numerous reasons for hiring military veterans: they exude confidence; demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking; and have proven their ability to work under pressure. For organizations looking to become more military-friendly and military-ready, we found several ideas for hiring, onboarding, and welcoming veterans to your workforce.

Hiring Veterans: The Hidden Value of Unconventional Workers

Hiring military veterans may seem like an unconventional strategy at first, but companies are reaping the benefits from giving these veterans an opportunity in the workplace. Normally an untapped, often overlooked resource by business owners and managers, veterans bring an overabundance of skills to the workplace that are proving to be a great fit.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Employers that have remained open during the pandemic find themselves in a bit of an odd situation: Unemployment is high, but hiring is still tough. One option for employers looking to hire, whether now or in the future, is to consider recruiting military veterans, which can yield many potential benefits.

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