Age Discrimination: New Case Examines Whether You Can Deny Older Workers Educational Assistance Benefits; Preventive Measures To Take

Suppose an employee in their 50s or 60s wants to take advantage of your employee educational assistance program. You may be reluctant to shell out thousands of dollars to educate a worker who’s close to retirement. One employer that faced this situation recently got slapped with an age discrimination lawsuit when an older worker’s request […]

Recruiting Employees: Court Refuses To Enforce Out-Of-State Non-Compete Agreement; Practical Strategies

In California, most agreements that restrict employees from competing with former employers are illegal and California courts won’t enforce them. But what if you want to hire someone who signed a non-compete provision with an employer in another state that does recognize these agreements? A California Court of Appeal has confirmed that California employers aren’t […]

News Notes: Injury And Illness Rates Continue To Decline

California’s workplace injury and illness rates continued to drop in 1999 despite record high employment, according to recent data compiled by the state Division of Labor Statistics and Research. Mirroring a national downward trend, California’s injury rate fell to 6.3 injuries per 100 full-time employees—down from 6.7 in 1998—the lowest rate ever in the 29 […]

News Notes: Staff Attorneys Sue EEOC For Age Bias

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency charged with enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws, has been sued for age bias by three of its former staff attorneys in Atlanta. Maureen Malone, 56, and William Outlaw, 62, claim they were forced into retirement after being given a choice of transferring to other offices or being terminated. And […]

News Notes: Worker Can Sue Employer Who Said He’d Go To Hell

Del Erdmann said he quit his job as assistant director of nursing at Miguel Villa after owner/supervisor Velda Pierce repeatedly told him he would go to hell if he didn’t become a heterosexual and join the Mormon Church. Now a federal court in San Francisco has given Erdmann the green light to sue Miguel Villa […]

News Notes: Wage Violations Cost Taco Bell Millions

About 1,300 former Taco Bell workers have won a lawsuit in Oregon that charged that supervisors doctored employee time cards in order to meet productivity goals and earn bonuses. Taco Bell supervisors allegedly admitted that they were pressured by senior managers to shave hours off time cards. Paul Breed, an attorney for the workers, has […]

Religious Discrimination: Religious-Affiliated Employer Liable For Firing Worker Who Was Saving Souls On Company Time; Guidelines To Follow

Employers affiliated with a religion generally aren’t subject to the state Fair Employment and Housing Act, California’s anti-discrimination law. But in a new case, a California Court of Appeal allowed a worker to make an end run around the statute and sue an employer who was exempt from the FEHA for religious discrimination. We’ll explain […]