News Notes: New Case Explains When Public Sector Employees Can Be Disciplined For Political Activities

Most public and private employers know it’s illegal to take action against employees because of their political activities. But a recent case highlights an important exception to this rule for public employees who qualify as “policymakers.” A terminated deputy sued a newly elected sheriff, alleging she was forced out of her job because she had […]

News Notes: Disability Claim Payouts Reach Record Level

The federal government pulled in a record $49.9 million last year for employees who filed complaints under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an increase of $34 million over the last six years, according to recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics. Topping the list were HIV-related claims of $10.5 million, followed by orthopedic and back injuries […]

News Notes: Helping Elderly Parent Relocate Doesn’t Qualify For Family Leave

  A California Court of Appeal has ruled that Beverly Hospital in Montebello didn’t violate the state family leave law by terminating a physical therapist who missed work to help her seriously ill mother move to a new apartment. Marjorie Pang claimed her time off was protected because she was providing psychological care for a […]

Retirement Plans: Government Announces New ERISA Enforcement Plan—And New Program To Correct Violations Without Penalties

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (PWBA) has just released its new enforcement strategy to ensure that pension plans comply with ERISA. The main target: defined contribution programs, particularly 401(k) plans. This means you could be hit with hefty penalties for pension plan administration errors, such as delinquent employee contributions and […]

Family And Medical Leave: No-Fault Attendance Policy Costs Employer $250,000; How To Avoid Making The Same Mistake

Many employers have no-fault attendance policies, which call for discipline or termination after an employee has a certain number of absences – regardless of the reason for the time off. But as one employer recently found, these policies may conflict with the family leave laws. We’ll look at what happened and offer other alternatives for […]

More Overtime Changes Coming: Update On IWC Wage Order Hearings

Come July, you can expect several changes in the wage and hour regulations. That’s because the new daily overtime law gives the California Industrial Welfare Commission until July 2000 to review the current overtime rules and come up with new regulations and wage orders. At stake are modifications to a variety of wage and hour […]