News Flash: New Wage Orders Are Here

The Industrial Welfare Commission has posted its revised wage orders. However, the IWC is waiting for further developments on the pending increase inthe state minimum wage before printing the new wage orders and distributing them to employers.

News Notes: Employer Must Consider Reassigning Disabled Employee To Positions At Equivalent Pay Level

A recent ruling by the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals helps clarify which positions disabled employees must be considered for when they can’t perform their present job. Rodney McLean was a postal clerk until his physical condition prevented him from performing his duties. Although he identified many vacant positions at the same pay level […]

News Notes: Proposed Raise In Limits For Retirement Accounts Moves Forward

The full Senate will soon consider a bill that would raise contribution limits for individual retirement accounts and 401(k) plans. The maximum annual contribution for 401(k) plans would increase from $10,500 to $15,000. IRA limits would rise from $2,000 per year to $5,000, and “catch-up” provisions would allow workers aged 50 and older to put […]

News Notes: UC Professor Claims Race Bias In Tenure Decision

The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that UC Davis will have to face a trial on a charge by Ronald Y. Chuang, a microbiologist and AIDS researcher, that he was discriminated against because of his race and national origin. Chuang claims that the institution failed to give him a tenured position as […]

News Notes: Temps May Join Unions Where They Work

The National Labor Relations Board has said that temporary and contract workers who are jointly employed by a temp agency and the employer they work for may be included in union bargaining units together with regular employees in the client employer’s workplace. Temps don’t have to receive the same pay and benefits as regular employees, […]

News Notes: Time Off For Voting Reminder

On Election Day, November 7, 2000, you’re required to let employees take paid time off to vote if they don’t have sufficient time outside of work hours. Polling places are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You don’t have to pay workers for more than two hours off and you can require that they […]

Disciplinary Meetings: Nonunion Employees Win Right To Have Co-Worker Attend; Know Your Options

Unionized workers have long had the right to bring a union representative with them to a disciplinary hearing. Now, in a ruling that could complicate investigations into sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct in nonunion companies, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that nonunion workers have the same right to have a fellow employee […]

Wage Claims: Messenger Service Agrees To $9.75 Million Settlement

Corporate Express Delivery Systems Inc. will pay a total of $9.75 million to 4,300 former and current messengers in Hayward, Los Angeles and San Diego who claimed they were underpaid. The messengers, who were compensated on commission, charged that the company failed to pay them minimum wage or overtime and violated rules on expense reimbursement. […]

Managing The Workplace: Manager’s Nightmare—Reprimanded Employee Becomes The Boss

While Joni Grand was the acting jail administrator for the city of Glendale, she warned a subordinate, Marvin Quarles, about his inappropriate conduct toward female employees. She reported Quarles’ actions to her superiors who cautioned him as well, but ultimately decided that his actions didn’t amount to sexual harassment. A year later, Quarles became Grand’s […]

Whistleblowing: Worker Gets $37 Million For Turning In Employer

A recent case dramatically illustrates the financial incentive employees have to blow the whistle on their employer. A federal judge has awarded $24 million to Robert Merena, a former SmithKline Beecham billing analyst who charged that the company defrauded the government by billing for unauthorized and unnecessary lab tests under Medicare and other government programs. […]