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You Can’t Reason with Crazy

Try this one on for size. A number of years ago, four to be exact, we were enjoying a successful relationship with a company we had contracted with since 1995. By all accounts, the firm was doing a good job for us. In 2007, one of the key people employed by the firm decided to […]

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Former Employee Keeps Reapplying Despite Rejection Letters

by Reggie Gay Q: We have a job applicant who worked for us approximately six years ago. There’s nothing negative in her file, but there were some issues with her job performance. Neither of her former supervisors wants to hire her back. She has applied several times and has received rejection letters, but she keeps […]

Boldest Applicant is the Best Applicant . . . Sometimes

I find it hard to believe that my fellow bloggers have overlooked the most obvious choice for Michael Scott’s replacement: Fred Henry, played by Will Arnett. After all, who else during their interview promised to deliver a plan that would double the branch’s profits? Undoubtedly, Mr. Henry’s strategy was the boldest and most innovative of […]

Family Responsibilities Leave—Best Practice for Employee Engagement?

By BLR Founder and CEO Bob Brady Just My E-pinion For years, BLR has surveyed HR and benefits professionals to find trends in benefits. We appreciate your participation in our monthly series of brief, targeted benefits surveys. Today’s Survey Topic: Family Leave Practices. (We’ll publish the results in a future issue.) Family responsibility leave. It’s […]

DOL Issues Final Rule Extending Fee Disclosure Timetable

It’s now official: The effective dates regarding fiduciary and participant fee disclosure regulations for retirement plans have been extended. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a final rule (which becomes effective July 15) providing that: Fiduciary-level Fee Disclosure Regulation: The effective date for the interim final rule is extended from July 16, 2011, […]

Verizon ADA Settlement: More on leaves of absence as reasonable accommodation

Now that the dust is settling over the nationwide class-action disability discrimination lawsuit Verizon settled with the EEOC, we at the SmartHRManager blog wanted to ask HR professionals what this settlement means to their companies. To help you answer that question, take a look at the consent decree’s corporate improvement plan, which highlights what Verizon […]

Plaintiff’s Lawyer Reveals: Mistakes that Make My Day

In yesterday’s Advisor, plaintiff’s attorney Whitney Warner gave us tips from “the enemy,” that is, a successful plaintiffs’ attorney. Today, more of her tips, plus an introduction to a 24/7 leadership training program that won’t break the bank. Warner, who is SPHR certified, is the founding partner of Moody and Warner PC in Albuquerque, New […]

Employees Hate Each Other? Readers Disagree with Our Suggestion

In his e-pinion on this page a few weeks ago, Dan Oswald suggested that when two employees hate each other, the best course may be keeping the most valuable employee and firing the other one. Most readers didn’t agree. Oswald’s original story is found here in The Oswald Letter. The full text of all the […]


4 Keys to Successful Negotiating in Work, Life

To live life is to negotiate. If you’re married, you negotiate daily with your spouse. It might be over what to have for dinner or where to go on vacation. If you have children, you certainly negotiate with them. I’m constantly bargaining over curfews, gas money, and the definition of a clean room. (Are hospital corners […]