Safe Laughs for the Workplace

Many topics are no laughing matter at the workplace — including jokes based on gender or racial stereotypes. But corporate humorist David Granirer says there’s still plenty to joke about.

Uncle Michael Wants YOU — To Be the New Boss

Another Thursday in August, another Office rerun. Rather than revisit “The Inner Circle” — ably covered by my Colorado colleague Matt Rita on May 6 — I thought I’d visit The Office website for some ideas. I came across a multiple-choice quiz designed to determine whether you have what it takes to be the boss […]

Make the Workplace a Drama-Free Zone

By Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D. Do you have a drama queen (or king) in your office? For these employees, a calm, peaceful workday is simply not very rewarding, so they try to spice things up with dramatic pronouncements, juicy gossip, ominous rumors, personal traumas, or emotional breakdowns. Why drama queens act that way Some dramatic […]

Instant Gratification for HR Managers!

By Stephen D. Bruce, PHR Editor, HR Daily Advisor We’re very excited to announce our just-launched Instant Solutions Resource Center! It’s the faster, more flexible, more affordable way to solve your HR problems. Visit our instant download site and purchase only what you need—from in-depth focus reports to a single policy—and you get it at […]

Successor Company May Be Liable for Benefits Claim on Predecessor Plan

In this time of corporate restructuring, successor liability in relation to ERISA benefit plans is something to plan carefully in all of its dimensions before complicated, expensive claims take you by surprise. A case involving a top-hat deferred compensation plan — in which a federal court denied a successor employer’s motion to dismiss it from […]

Congressional Subpoena Flap Amplifies Criticism of NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena is a sign of increasing rancor stemming from the Board’s case against the Boeing Co. The NLRB refused to comply with an August 5 subpoena from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that set an August 12 deadline for the agency […]

You Found Compensation ‘Disparities,’ Now What?

It’s important to recognize that you need to be able to document an employee’s compensation history, not just their current salary, says consultant Judith Mickey. Look at the employment lifecycle:  Start rates (identify overqualified applicants) Pay increase documentation Pay decrease documentation Wage freezes, etc.  Mickey, of HR Consultants, Inc., offered her comments at the recent […]

Holidays PTO Survey: Earned Sick Leave Lost

Is earned sick leave lost if not used within a specified period of time?   Response Percent Response Count Yes 49.0% 265 No 51.0% 276 Thanks to all who participated in the survey! If you would like a copy of the detailed results, broken out by organization size, organization type, and geographical region, click here. […]