Health and Safety: New Cal/OSHA Posting Requirements Taking Effects; Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Last year, Cal/OSHA implemented new injury and illness recording rules to be phased in over five years. The new rules updated the requirements for posting, retaining and reporting work-related injuries and illnesses. Many of the key changes are taking effect in 2003—including the injury and illness information that must be posted starting in February. We’ll […]

Arbitration: American Arbitration Association Issues New Guidelines for Employment Disputes

Responding to the onslaught of court rulings on work-related arbitration agreements, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) has modified its national rules for resolving employment disputes. According to the AAA, the changes are also intended to reflect the association’s commitment to fairness for employees. Note that these rules aren’t law, but most arbitration agreements include provisions […]

Americans with Disabilities Act: EEOC Updates Reasonable Accommodation Enforcement Guidance; What You Should Know Now

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its enforcement guidance concerning reasonable accommodation and undue hardship under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The revisions stem from a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that it is unreasonable for an employer to have to reassign a disabled employee if doing so would violate a seniority system, […]

Trade Secrets: Court Says Employer’s Insurance Policy Didn’t Cover Stolen Information; Are You Protected?

Employers take many steps to try to prevent the loss of trade secrets. You ask employees to sign nondisclosure agreements, implement security systems and train your workforce on how to keep information confidential. Despite your best efforts, a breach sometimes occurs and your trade secrets end up in a competitor’s hands. In a new case, […]

Affirmative Action: OFCCP Sends Out Wave of EO Surveys

In connection with affirmative action regulations that were revised in 2000, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs annually sends out what’s known as an EO survey to randomly selected federal contractors. The mandatory survey—which has stirred much controversy among federal contractors who claim that it’s burdensome—asks contractors to submit a […]

News Notes: Workers’ Comp Release Bars Harassment Suit

Renae Kohler filed a workers’ comp claim and a harassment lawsuit against her employer, Interstate Brands, based on alleged physical and verbal harassment by her supervisor. Kohler later signed a workers’ comp compromise and release agreement for a $4,000 settlement, which released the employer from “all claims and causes of action” arising from the injury. […]

News Notes: Pregnant, Cancer-Stricken Cosmetics Saleswoman Awarded Over $11 Million For Wrongful Termination

A Texas jury has awarded $11.24 million to Claudine Woolf, a former top Mary Kay Inc. saleswoman from Walnut Creek, Calif., who was fired while she was pregnant and undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Woolf claimed she asked her employer to reduce her sales quota because of her medical problems. But Dallas-based Mary Kay allegedly […]