Recruiting Workers: Manager And New Employer Face Liability For Raiding Former Employer’s Staff; 3 Ways To Avoid Recruiting Lawsuits

It’s always disappointing when a top employee leaves your company. But disappointment can turn to disaster—and a lawsuit—if your former star takes along a group of other key employees. That’s what happened in a recent case in which the California Court of Appeal clarified the obligations of existing employees and competitors regarding attempts to lure […]

Arbitrating Employment Disputes: State High Court Approves Use Of Arbitration Agreements But Many Will Require Changes; A 6-Point Checklist

The California Supreme Court has given an important stamp of approval to the use of mandatory arbitration clauses as a condition of employment as long as they meet certain requirements assuring fairness to employees. In the wake of the ruling, you’ll need to immediately review, and possibly revise, arbitration agreements signed by existing employees and […]

Exempt Employees: Some Computer Software Professionals And Nurses Now Exempt From Overtime

  Governor Davis has signed a new law (S.B. 88), which is now in effect, exempting from the overtime rules certain nonsalaried computer software workers who are paid at least $41 per hour. The exemption applies to highly skilled employees doing intellectual or creative work of specified types requiring discretion and independent judgment. Also, certified, salaried […]

Whistleblowing: The Latest Employee Complaints-From B-2 Bombers To Beef

California employers continue to be hit by revelations from whistleblowing workers. The Southern California-based Northrop Grumman Corp. has agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle a lawsuit by a former employee who accused the defense contractor of overcharging the Air Force for B-2 bomber instruction and repair manuals. The worker who complained to the government […]

Race Harassment: LAPD Bomb Squad To Pay Over $5 Million To Black Officer

A jury has awarded $5.3 million to the first African-American member of the elite Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad. John Francois claimed he suffered repeated harassment and discrimination during his 13 months on the job. Healleged that he was called “boy,” was not allowed to attend conferences, and did not receive the same pay […]

Dress Codes: Worker Reinstated After Being Fired For Wearing Tongue Stud

An apartment leasing agent for Los Angeles-based real estate management company Oakwood Worldwide filed a discrimination suit after being fired for allegedly refusing to remove a tongue stud. Mary Haudenshield claimed the stud was not visible and did not violate the company’s dress code. Oakwood has now agreed to reinstate Haudenshield and pay her back […]

Workplace Safety: Suspect Arrested For Impersonating Cal/OSHA Inspector

A sting operation resulted in the arrest of a paroled felon for impersonating a Cal/OSHA inspector and victimizing employers in the Los Angeles County area. Mark Dwayne Jackson allegedly threatened to impose severe fines for non-existent safety violations unless the business owners agreed to a cash settlement. The suspect was arrested after accepting marked money […]

News Flash: Workers’ Compensation Insurers Face Mounting Losses; Employers May Be Hit With Higher Premiums

Some California workers’ comp insurers have been placed on a financial watch list by the California Department of Insurance because rating agencies have raised questions about the insurers’ financial stability. According to the California Workers’ Compensation Institute, for each $1 in premiums taken in during 1999, workers’ comp insurers paid out about $1.51 for claims […]

News Flash: New Wage Orders Are Here

The Industrial Welfare Commission has posted its revised wage orders. However, the IWC is waiting for further developments on the pending increase inthe state minimum wage before printing the new wage orders and distributing them to employers.

News Notes: Employer Must Consider Reassigning Disabled Employee To Positions At Equivalent Pay Level

A recent ruling by the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals helps clarify which positions disabled employees must be considered for when they can’t perform their present job. Rodney McLean was a postal clerk until his physical condition prevented him from performing his duties. Although he identified many vacant positions at the same pay level […]