ADA Reasonable Accommodations: Recent Cases Examine How Far You Must Go

Most employers know that state and federal anti-discrimination laws require you to offer reasonable accommodations to disabled workers to allow them to perform their jobs. But applying this seemingly straightforward rule to real-life situations is often trickier than it sounds. In several recent cases, employers have found themselves on the wrong end of expensive lawsuits […]

Cutting Workers’ Compensation Expenses: Return-To-Work Program Ends Up Costing Employer $10.6 Million; Do’s and Don’ts For Avoiding Trouble

When employees are off work because of a job injury, it can be to everyone’s benefit to get them back to work quickly. Returning employees to work with an adjusted schedule or a light-duty assignment can save employers money by reducing workers’ comp costs. Employees can earn more money and feel more productive and less […]

Affirmative Action: New Record Retention And Audit Rules For Federal Contractors

Despite the passage of California’s Proposition 209, affirmative action is alive and well if you sell goods or services to the federal government. In fact, the Office of Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), which enforces the affirmative action rules that cover government contractors, recently revised its regulations. Here are the highlights.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits: New Case Shows How To Handle Harassment Complaints The Right Way

A sexual harassment complaint can lead to big legal bills and a massive jury verdict. But responding correctly at the start can dramatically reduce your risks. That was the experience of one employer who scrupulously handled a disgruntled saleswoman’s sexual harassment complaint, and was able to get her lawsuit dismissed without a trial.

Employee Leaves Of Absence: Law Permitting 40 Hours Leave To Attend Children’s School Activities Revised

Governor Wilson recently approved a measure changing the little-known but important statute that allows employees to take unpaid time off to participate in their children’s school activities. The law continues to apply to private, state and municipal em- ployers who have 25 or more employees working in the same location. Our HR Management & Compliance […]

Trade Secrets: Workers Liable After Taking Former Employer’s Customer Business Cards; 4-Point Protection Checklist

When employees leave to join a competitor or start their own business, is your confidential data going with them? Sometimes the most valuable, but least-guarded information-like your customers’ names or even an employee’s rolodex-could seriously harm your business if it falls into the wrong hands. This problem continues to cause big headaches for many employers. […]