Author: L&D Daily Advisor Staff

Don’t Look Over the Potentially Great Talent in Ex-Offenders

Last week we began to explore an episode of our HR Works podcast where Managing Editor Steve Bruce and Recruiting and HR expert Arte Nathan discussed a number of recruiting topics, including “ex-offenders.” This week we’ll continue with the rest of the podcast and see exactly what Nathan has to say about hiring ex-offenders. If […]


Year 2016 Was Biggest Yet for HIPAA Privacy Enforcement

The year 2016 was by far the biggest yet for monetary settlements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) privacy and security rules, and 2017 thus far is proceeding apace, a leading HIPAA attorney told a recent conference.

Another Case Demonstrates Need for Appropriate Training

A warehouse maintenance worker who suffers from migraine headaches filed a suit against his former employer saying, among other things, that his supervisor retaliated against him for taking medical leave. The alleged retaliation included being denied certain refresher safety training.


Ask the Expert: COBRA Quandary

Question: I just found out that a former employee near the end of his COBRA election period was in an accident and is currently incapacitated. What are my options administratively if the election period ends and he has not yet elected COBRA coverage?