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This topic provides guidance on how to handle compensation issues in a way that attracts and retains the best talent and advances the strategic goals of your business. You get news and tips on what’s going on nationally and in the states, and updates on changes in regulations, possible governmental action, and emerging compensation trends.

Reap the Benefits of an Employee Benefits Survey

Unless you know what other companies like yours pay in benefits, you truly don’t know what to pay. Research like BLR’ s 2007 Survey of Employee Benefits will tell you. A recent Daily Advisor noted the cost of paid time off to business had risen to equal that of healthcare, and that each of these […]

Just How Does HR Feel About Itself? Survey Says …

A survey of HR pros about their own profession found them well paid, but under-respected, empowered but challenged, and frustrated, drained, and tired even as they start the day. HR Daily Advisor goes out to about 100,000 HR professionals each morning. Now, thanks to a survey by the opinion research consulting company, Discovery Surveys, Inc. […]

Paid-Time-Off (PTO): At Many Companies, It Doesn’t Seem to Count

A surprising survey shows that many companies simply don’t track their paid-time-off (PTO) programs, even though the cost may be as high as health care. Potential savings from better management: millions. Employee: “Boss. I don’t feel well. I’d like to stay home but I’m not sure I’ve got any sick days left.” Employer: “Hey, who’s […]

The New Pension Protection Act: What You Need to Know

The nation’s new retirement plan law puts additional compliance burdens on employers, and especially on HR. Here are some of the key changes. The 1990s were boom time in America. The stock market surged and billions were made in the blink of an eye. “Greed is good” was the mantra of the day. But, as […]

2007 HSA Changes May Hold Down Your Healthcare Premiums

Studies show companies offering HSAs experience lower healthcare premiums. Now Congress has made HSAs more attractive. (See box below for news about a special Audio Conference detailing these changes.) If you haven’t yet had your yearly chat with your company’s health insurer, remember these four words when you do: “Don’t shoot the messenger.” That’s because […]