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Survey: 70% Allow Sick Leave for Family Illness, But Few Offer Paid Leave

Additional Findings:   Over half of all companies (56%) offer child care assistance to employees, most commonly flex time or leaves of absence. However, few companies offer paid leave (14%) or unpaid leave (29%) for childcare, conducted with readers of the HR Daily Advisor. 20% of companies offer paid leave (excluding sick leave) for spouse […]

IRS Eases Cell Phone Substantiation for Employers

Bad news for people who think cell phones cause brain cancer, but good news for employers who think IRS’ old substantiation rules on cell phones were causing brain damage and stomach ulcers. The IRS provided some long-anticipated relief to employers that provide cell phones to their employees for business use, as well as to the employees who once […]

The 4-Page Mini-SPD: Coming to a Plan Near You

Health care reform is still alive and kicking. Employer-sponsored health plans have implemented many of its thorny provisions, but one provision now looks like the biggest thorn of all. We are talking about Section 2715 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). You must, of course, know all about this section … no? […]

Promises, Promises: IRS Clarifications on Cafeteria Plans, FSAs, HSAs

Benefits administrators can be forgiven if their response to the IRS’ latest plan to issue guidance on cafeteria plans is “Promises, Promises!” Finalizing cafeteria plan regulations is the most far-reaching benefits-related item on the IRS 2011-2012 Priority Guidance Plan. The agency proposed café plan regs in 2007 and has been saying that it will finalize […]

Who’s Offering What for Holidays and PTO? Survey Results Reveal All

What holidays are offered to employees in 2011? Number Percent Saturday January 1, 2011 (New Year’s Day) 777 88% Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 235 27% Lincoln‘s Birthday 9 1% Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day 267 30% Good Friday 212 24% Memorial Day 836 95% Independence Day 840 95% Labor Day 825 94% Rosh Hashana 7 1% […]

Should You Be Offering Benefits to Domestic Partners? Let’s Find Out

The rise in acceptance of domestic partnerships, both by law and choice has led to a lot of tricky challenges for HR managers who have to administer benefits programs. Who gets benefits and what benefits do they get? Let’s find out. Please participate in this brief survey and we’ll determine just what employers are offering […]

IRS Lists Nonbank Trustees and Custodians for HSAs

The IRS has just given you a hand in better enabling your employees to establish health savings accounts (HSAs). The IRS on Aug. 30 issued Announcement 2011-59, which includes a list of entities the IRS has approved to serve as nonbank trustees and custodians of HSAs. Under Code Section 223, which sets the rules for […]

Cell Phones, Transportation Fringes on IRS To-do List

The IRS’ “to do” list includes writing up a notice on cell phone substantiation and finalizing guidance on debit cards used with qualified transportation fringe benefits (QTFBs), according to its 2011-2012 priority guidance plan published Sept. 2. Smart Cards The IRS lists 29 items under the heading, “executive compensation, health care and other benefits and […]

Despite Phony Divorces, Pension Plan Must Pay Spousal Benefits

Retirement plan administrators do not have the authority to conclude that a domestic relations order (DRO) is not qualified because it is based on a “sham” divorce, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided July 18, 2011. The 5th Circuit stated that a key ERISA section “does not authorize an administrator to consider or […]