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Your workplace’s culture is directly connected to your employee engagement as well as your employer brand. Each of these is vitally important towards attracting and retaining top talent.

Should We Have Worker Representation on Boards?

It’s long been a perception in some circles that the corporate fat cats don’t have the best interests of the working man (or woman) in mind. But, what if that group of fat cats included those workers? That is, in essence, what Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been proposing.

The HR Guide to Measuring and Fixing Employee Engagement

There is no shortage of studies supporting a causal relationship between employee engagement and business performance. To cite just one recent Gallup study, higher engagement can be linked to better performance across multiple metrics such as sales, productivity, profitability and EPS growth.

How to Beat Rising Quit Rates

The growing economy and low unemployment rate have created an unfortunate side effect for many organizations—increasing employee turnover. In July, 3.58 million Americans quit their jobs, the largest percentage in 17 years, according to Labor Department data. The proportion of workers quitting their jobs, known as the quit rate, reached 2.4%.

Improve Work-Life Balance with Contingent Workers

High-quality talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep. With low unemployment and a generation of reliable, experienced workers pondering retirement, competition for talented employees has become the stuff of sleepless nights for chief human research officers.

Tech Employees Chafe Under Electronic Supervision

Employee productivity and satisfaction are closely linked in both positive and negative ways. Data have repeatedly shown that employees with high levels of job satisfaction tend to be more productive. Employees who enjoy their jobs tend to work harder, longer, and smarter. At the same time, many efforts to boost employee productivity can have a […]


6 Keys to Implementing a Culture Deck in Your Company

If you’ve made the decision to create a culture deck for your company, or are in the process of refining the one you already have, congratulations. A culture deck is an invaluable tool for any company. It lays out the framework for all to follow: vision, mission, core values, behaviors, and how people work. So […]

What Your Employees Want This Christmas Season: Keeping Workers Happy Over the Holiday Period

As the Christmas season approaches, everyone’s starting to get into the festive spirit, buying gifts, putting up decorations, and making plans for the big day. The holiday season can offer fantastic opportunities for managers and HR professionals to make their staff feel valued, increase good feeling, and cement strong team relationships.


Three Ways for Employers to Boost Pay Transparency for an Improved Workplace Culture

Today’s employees expect the companies they work for to deliver openness and transparency in, essentially, all of their business practices. This includes everything from communicating leadership changes, making adjustments to the business model, revealing news around potential acquisitions and, most of all, providing access to corporate-wide salary data.

Does Your Leadership Style Fit Your Culture?

When corporate leadership and employees are asked to define their workplace culture, they often have trouble articulating a cogent response. Because workplace culture is the character or personality of a company, it isn’t hard to understand why it can be difficult to put into words. The personality and character of a company are largely dependent […]