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Your workplace’s culture is directly connected to your employee engagement as well as your employer brand. Each of these is vitally important towards attracting and retaining top talent.

How to Extract Greater Value from Your Business Teams

A study published by Gallup found a direct correlation between employee engagement and company revenues. According to their report, actively disengaged employees cost American businesses anywhere between $450 to $550 billion in revenues each year. Increasing engagement contributes to greater productivity which, in turn, contributes to higher revenues.

Benefits of Making Your Employees Shareholders

After the introduction of the Accountable Capitalism Act last year, many organizations are starting to explore different ways to offer their employees a stronger voice, more business equity—essentially, more “skin in the game.” Many start-ups have already been offering their employees shares and stakes in their company for years because they don’t have many other […]


Employees Say CEOs Not as Generous as They Think They Are

Self-awareness can be a very valuable leadership tool, but a recent survey shows that the C-suite in the U.S. could use a smidge more. Thnks recently surveyed over 250 CEOs and employees to understand the importance of gratitude in the workplace. Results showed that 88% of CEOs thought their employees would give them high marks […]

What Is Employee Self-Service?

There’s a good chance your organization uses some form of employee self-service, even if you don’t call it that. ESS, or Employee Self-Service, is simply a means for employees to directly access various forms of HR software and data.