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Your workplace’s culture is directly connected to your employee engagement as well as your employer brand. Each of these is vitally important towards attracting and retaining top talent.

The Value and Impact of Meaningful Work on Your Employees

There is plenty of evidence that shows that what motivates people to stay engaged and do their best at work is when they feel their work is meaningful. As I discussed in an earlier post, I think most jobs have meaningful aspects, and highlighting these is key to building and retaining great teams. Here are […]

How Working on Special Projects Can Significantly Boost Employee Engagement

One of the struggles any company faces is finding—and keeping—the right talent to help propel the organization to success. Promotions and salary increases are  good, but results from a recent study suggest that feeling engaged in work, along with feeling like there’s an opportunity to learn and grow, isn’t necessarily tied to a paycheck.

The Surprising Reason the Majority of Employees Are Ready to Quit Their Jobs

While work-related stress is nothing new, managers might be surprised to learn that the level of sustained stress their teams experience is leading to substantial business and turnover risks. According to new research, an astounding 63% of employees today report a desire to quit their jobs. The reason? It’s not about money, opportunities for advancement, […]

What Causes Negative Employee Morale?

Negative or low morale among employees can be problematic for employers. Not only does it lead to an unhappy workplace, but it can also cause increased turnover and decreased productivity. And unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully recover from low morale once it sets in.