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When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, you can’t be too careful. HR Daily Advisor gives you background on the federal and state guidelines and essential elements of an anti-harassment policy and program. Get analysis, news, training tips for managers and employees, and more.

Harassment Still a Major Worry? You Betcha

It’s amazing that in 2011 we’re still talking about harassment, says “recovering litigator” Jonathan A. Segal, but it’s still causing massive lawsuits and destroying productivity. And training managers and supervisors is still the key to preventing it. Segal, who is one of SHRM’s most popular speakers, is a partner in the Philadelphia office of law […]

What’s NOT Harassment … And What Is

Some employees think that every thing managers do that annoys them is harassment, says attorney Gregory J. Hare, but managing performance isn’t harassment. Hare, who is a shareholder in the Atlanta office of law firm Ogletree Deakins, gave his suggestions at the recent SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. Hare says that there […]

Smart Tips for Investigations

Yesterday, we looked at 5 tips for conducting an effective sexual harassment investigation. Today, 4 more — plus an introduction to an in-depth investigations webinar next week, specifically for California employers. [Click here for yesterday’s tips] 6. Communicate your findings to both the employee and the alleged harasser and provide them with the opportunity to […]

Hiring Teens? Conduct Extra Harassment Training First

Because of their age and lack of experience in the working world, teen employees may be particularly vulnerable to harassment, and may not know what to do if harassment occurs. In today’s Advisor, what to do to protect young workers, and an introduction to a new downloadable Sexual Harassment Essentials Kit. Especially if you’re planning […]

Gays and Lesbians Are Not in a Protected Class … or Are They?

Title VII does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. However, individuals who identify as gays, lesbians, or transgendered have successfully asserted claims of discrimination under Title VII. The claims are made on the basis of an employer’s gender stereotyping of characteristics or traits associated with a particular gender. For example, a federal court has […]

No Dating policy? Good Luck with That

In yesterday’s Advisor, we found “harassment statements we don’t want to hear.” Today, more harassment gems, plus an introduction to a new downloadable anti-harassment essentials kit. “We have a strict ‘no-dating of coworkers’ policy. That avoids harassment claims for sure.” Most experts say, “Good luck with that.” It’s next to impossible to prevent co-worker dating. […]

Eleven Harassment Statements You Don’t Want to Hear

Harassment misconceptions abound, and managers and supervisors may be the most confused. Here are some of the statements and scenarios you don’t want to see. How to avoid them? Training. “As a manager, if I suspect behavior that might be harassment, I observe carefully; when I determine that it’s actually illegal, I take firm and […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Those Delicate Harassment Investigations

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Julie A. Moore helped managers through the thorny task of harassment investigations. Today, her do’s and don’ts for investigators, plus an introduction to BLR®‘s 10-minutes-at-a-time training system for managers and supervisors. p>Moore, who is president and founder of Employment Practices Group in North Andover, Massachusetts, offered her suggestions at BLR®‘s National […]

The ‘You’ve-Been-Accused-of-Harassment’ Talk

When harassment accusations arise in the workplace, what you say or—sometimes even more importantly—what you don’t say can make the difference between problem resolution and a lawsuit, says attorney Julie A. Moore. Oftentimes, the initial reaction of the manager is to ignore the situation, hoping it will improve on its own. That’s not going to […]

Don’t Become the Next Wage/Hour Target

As more and more employers get slapped with wage and hour lawsuits that often challenge exempt classification, it’s becoming critical for employers to take a close look at their own operations and policies to determine what they can do to keep from becoming the next target. Below are some audit tips from attorney Kurt A. […]