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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

The Why, When, Who and How of Social Media Background Checks

In yesterday’s Advisor, attorney Eric Meyer covered legal challenges related to social media background checks. Today, his take on managing such checks, plus an introduction to a unique 10-minutes-at-a-time training program for supervisors and managers. In an interview, you have at least some control, but when you go online, you have no control over what […]

Hire Me (I Update FaceBook Every 15 Minutes)

You’re going to find out interesting things about potential employees online, says attorney Eric Meyer—like how often they update FaceBook—and some of what you find is going to be information you would NEVER ask about in an interview. What are you going to find out online? Gender is typically no surprise, says Meyer. It’s likely […]

Recruiting with Facebook, Twitter, and Skype

In yesterday’s Advisor, expert Dan Ryan offered tips for successful recruiting on LinkedIn. Today, his tips about recruiting on Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, plus some good news—your HR policies are written and updated. Special from BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium Ryan, principal of Ryan Search and Consulting in Nashville, Tennessee made his remarks at BLR’s […]

Yes, You Can Recruit on LinkedIn

Special from BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium Fifty percent of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for hiring, says expert Dan Ryan of Ryan Search and Consulting in Nashville. And you should be using it, too, he told attendees at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee. Need more reasons to use LinkedIn? It’s the […]

May I Refuse to Hire a Pregnant Applicant?

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed interviewing candidates with disabilities; today, more on disabilities and pregnancy, plus an introduction to an extraordinary collection of pre-written job descriptions. Pregnancy and the Interview During the interview, do not ask candidates about whether they are pregnant, whether they have any pregnancy plans, or what their plans are for a family. But […]

Agribusiness gets extra month to beef up response to DOL child labor proposal

Employers have until Dec. 1 to comment on the (DOL)’s proposed child labor regulations for the agricultural sector. That’s one month longer than the original deadline of Nov. 1. The extension was published in the Federal Register Oct. 31. Released Sept. 2, these are DOL’s first revisions to child farm labor rules in 40 years. […]

Free Report for HR Managers: Win the Recruiting War!

The HR Daily Advisor announced today the release of a new free report, Win the Recruiting War!, which will help HR Managers to develop a recruiting strategy to find and retain talented employees. The exclusive 36-page special report includes sections on workforce analysis and job descriptions, tips for online ads, how to make a referral […]

A Stream of Guidance on Shy Bladder Syndrome

What is HR to do when a job applicant or worker claims to have shy bladder syndrome and refuses to urinate in a cup as part of a drug test? Consider testing the worker’s hair or saliva instead, according to new informal advice from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Shy bladder syndrome, also known […]

Employer wins discrimination case — Evidence of non-performance outweighs employer’s imprudent remark

A recent appeals court ruling shows that clear and consistent documentation of an employee’s poor performance is more important than certain imprudent things a supervisor may say to an employee. Robert Dickerson, an individual with a mental disability, worked as a part-time custodian for an Illinois community college. He was recorded several times losing employer property and […]

Despite Phony Divorces, Pension Plan Must Pay Spousal Benefits

Retirement plan administrators do not have the authority to conclude that a domestic relations order (DRO) is not qualified because it is based on a “sham” divorce, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided July 18, 2011. The 5th Circuit stated that a key ERISA section “does not authorize an administrator to consider or […]