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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

3 Deadly Sins of Interviewers—and How to Avoid Them

Interviewing and hiring the best “talent” for your organization is probably your most important task. And yet, time after time, there’s that sinking feeling after just one day—bad choice. Want to avoid that? Avoid these three deadly interviewing sins. Fortunately, it’s not that hard. Deadly Sin #1—Failure to Prepare Before you start recruiting you need […]

Making Referral Programs Pay–Tips and Sample Policy

Yesterday’s Advisor covered VistaPrint’s very successful employee referral program. Today we’ll look at program tips from The HR Red Book® and a sample policy. In planning your referral program, says The HR Red Book® (formally known as What to Do About Personnel Problems in [Your State]), keep these tips in mind: Incentives can include gift […]

Every Employee and Applicant Is a Talent Scout

Even with a 24-person recruiting team, VistaPrint is always looking for other sources to recruit top talent, so the company views each of its 900 employees—and each job applicant—as a talent scout. “The recruitment team is not the only team that is responsible for gathering talent here. Every person in this organization is asked to […]

Are ‘Stealth’ Violations Lurking in Your Selection Standards?

Employers with the best of intentions can get tripped up by “stealth” violations of testing discrimination laws, says Fay Hansen, blogging on the Workforce Management website. Fay Hansen points out several situations in which employers get into trouble with their testing. Jobs change The first stealth problem is simply that jobs change. In today’s work […]

Are Your ‘Impartial’ Tests Actually Discriminatory?

Even if your selection practices are purely objective and neutral, you’re not immune from liability for their “disparate impact.” Bottom line—it’s time to put your tests to the test. What’s considered a test in terms of hiring? Basically it’s any yardstick or evaluative tool you use to help you select employees. One of the theoretical […]

8 ‘Rookie’ Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Most managers get thrown into hiring and interviewing without much guidance, and it shows—in poor performance and poor retention. Today’s expert shares the top eight mistakes managers make. Bad hires sap time, training resources, and psychic energy, says Susan M. Heathfield, blogging on Here are her top eight “rookie” mistakes (often made by experienced […]

Interview Checklist–The 25 Forbidden Questions

In yesterday’s Advisor, legal landmines for interviewers. Today, a handy checklist for interviewers from BLR’s HR Audit Checklists. Check each forbidden question to indicate your awareness that it cannot be asked in employment interviews. Forbidden Questions–Age “How old are you?” “What is your date of birth?” (You may ask, “Do you meet the state minimum […]

9 Legal Landmines for Untrained (and maybe Trained) Interviewers

Even seasoned interviewers can inadvertently ask questions that lead to legal problems. That’s why the first rule in interviewing is "Innocent questions can lead to trouble." "An interview is essentially a pretty casual conversation, particularly if it goes well," says Amy Berecek. And in a conversation, it’s just human nature to ask people if they’re […]

Interview Etiquette–Shud U B Concerned? R U at Fault?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared results from a recent Vault survey on recruiter and applicant etiquette. Today, questions about actions after the interview, and a look at a training system to help your supervisors with interviewing and other critical skills. Here are some additional responses to Vault’s 2008 Interview Etiquette Survey: Question for recruiters: How […]

Thx for the Iview! I Wud Luv to Work 4 U!! ;)

“Thx for the Iview! I Wud [Luv] to Work 4 U!! ;)” read a recent Wall Street Journal headline. Does that sound like the thank-you letters you’re getting after an interview? What’s happened to interview etiquette? Today’s applicants, fresh from the Facebook, MySpace, and incessant texting world of Gen Y, are scoring few points with […]