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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

Hire the Best People You Ever Worked With (Part 2)

How do you train supervisors to recruit the best people (and do all the other things like appraisal and discipline and dealing with change and reducing turnover)? Here are some hiring tips, and an introduction to a 10-in-1 training program that educates supervisors and managers in all the basic HR skills. In the last Advisor, […]

Reference Checks – How Far Should You Go?

How deep to delve into someone’s past in a reference check is murky business. Here’s one expert’s take, plus notice of an upcoming audio conference designed to clear it all up for you. In the last Advisor, we discussed the legal aspects of checking applicants on the “relationship” websites, MySpace and Facebook. Today, Employment Law […]

MySpace and Facebook: Routing Reference Checks or Dangerous Data Sources?

Are you “MySpacing” and “Facebooking” your applicants? Employers are wondering whether reference checking should include visiting Web 2.0 “relationship” pages. Alas, the advice is mixed. Should your reference checks on job applicants include looking at their “relationship” Web pages, such as those found on “Facebook” or “MySpace”? Some experts say yes. It’s your job to […]

Major Hiring Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

“You can’t expect great employees to find you,” says top consultant, Gevity HR. Their research has identified five mistakes managers must avoid if they want to attract exceptional employees. Oh, that nasty feeling when you first realize that a new hire isn’t what you hoped—not up to doing the job, can’t motivate people, or whatever. […]

Video Résumés: Is There Trouble in Sight?

Video résumés show jobseekers in all their glory, but is discrimination also part of the picture? Here are the two views on the subject. You’ve advertised for a spot in your organization, and now your e-mail inbox is bulging with résumés. As you work your way through the pile, one candidate has included a link […]

Interview Technique: More Than Just Good Questions

BLR’s HR subscription website,, explains that success at interviewing jobseekers means not just knowing what to ask, but the techniques of how to ask. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor gave you 20 key questions to use in interviewing job candidates. Question content is key, of course, to getting the information you need. But so is another […]

20 Top Job Interview Questions

If you could ask only 20 questions in a job interview, which should they be? BLR’s editorial mind weighs in with the answers. Back in the day, there used to be a TV quiz show called “20 Questions.” The contestant had a secret in mind, and the panel was challenged to learn it in just […]