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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

Are Reference Checkers Checking the References You Give?

In yesterday’s Advisor, Employment Screening Resources (ESR) offered important policy and legal considerations for performing reference checks. Today, we’ll get their specific recommendations, and we’ll take a look at a unique resource for small HR departments. ESR, a Novato, California-based provider preemployment screening services, offers the following suggestions for responding to requests for references: 1. […]

One-Third of Résumés Lie—Reference Check, Anyone?

Everyone agrees that reference checks are important, but actually doing them is difficult. Employers want to get information about candidates, but when other employers want the same information from them, they don’t want to give it. That’s frustrating, says Employment Screening Resources (ESR). One-Third of Résumés Contain a Lie According to industry experts, up to […]

Your Website, the Soul of Your Recruiting: Sinners Repent!

Most people look at the WOW factor when evaluating an organization’s career website, says Gerry Crispin, but that’s not the point. “Say you see a site filled with impressive technological tricks. That’s cool,” says Crispin, “but does it work?” The factor you really care about, he says, is the quality of candidates that the site […]

Feds Will Audit—Shouldn’t You Do It First?

Yesterday’s Advisor covered Kurt Ronn’s tips for identifying potential discrimination in process. Today we’ll see his tips for evaluating execution and take a look at an audit program you can use to find such problems before the feds do. Even the best process, if poorly executed, will yield questionable results, says Ronn, president and founder […]

Economy Back-Burnering Compliance?

The economy is creating chaos, and the rapid changes in workplace laws don’t help—Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, changes in FMLA and COBRA, 1-9’s, E-Verify, ADAAA—the list goes on and on. Where should you be focusing? With all that is happening, it is easy to get distracted, even overwhelmed, says Kurt Ronn, the president and founder […]

5 Keys to Preserving Precious Interview Time

HR time is precious. You don’t want to waste it reviewing résumés of unqualified candidates. You need a system to keep all those unqualified candidates’ credentials off your desk and off your computer desktop as well. Of course, in the real world, you can’t avoid all unqualified candidates, but there are steps you can take […]

‘If You Were a Dessert …’ and Other ‘Great’ Interview Questions

Yesterday’s Advisor focused on correct interview questions. Today, attorneys Sandra Rappaport and Mike Moye tackle more interview challenges, and introduce the key role of job descriptions. Your interview plan should focus on eliciting information about a candidate’s performance and experience, says Rappaport. Use open-ended questions rather than those that simply require a yes or no […]

When Hiring Slows, Hiring Claims Climb

It’s no secret that it is hard to find work in today’s economy. As a result, rejected candidates are more likely to put up a fight—and file lawsuits—says attorney Sandra Rappaport. So it’s more important than ever for interviewers to do everything right. It may seem like easy times for recruiters, but there’s a catch—rejected […]

Pie-in-the-Sky Recruiting? Get Real!

“I want someone from the top of the class at a top business school, who has advanced rapidly at a fast-growing, respected firm (but I want to pay an entry-level salary).” That’s pie-in-the-sky recruiting—spinning your wheels with no results. In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered the first five prehire necessities. Today, we look at five more, […]

Ten Things You Must Do Before You Recruit

“I want that job filled yesterday!” It’s every hiring manager’s mantra, but it can’t be yours. HR has to step back and approach hiring carefully. There’s too much at stake—from bad hires to damaging lawsuits—to rush ahead blindly.Here’s what you must do before you jump into recruiting: 1. Learn Federal and State Laws and Regulations. […]