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Health And Safety: Court Looks At When Unintended Safety Lapses May Lead To Penalties For Willful Violation Of Cal/OSHA Rules

John Blackstock, an apprentice electrician with Rick’s Electric Inc., a San Diego electrical contractor, was seriously hurt when he received a 227-volt shock while working on electrical cables. Foreman Glen Woodmansee believed the cables weren’t energized, but didn’t check before assigning Blackstock to the project. Plus, Blackstock hadn’t been trained to work on live equipment. […]

Disability Bias: Court Orders United Airlines To Pay $200,000 For Not Accommodating Mentally Disabled Employee; Helpful Do’s And Don’ts

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to try to reach an accommodation in cases involving mental or physical disabilities by engaging in an “interactive process” with an employee. But a recent case involving United Airlines highlights several missteps to avoid—and some specific measures to take—to satisfy the ADA.

Wage And Hour: IWC Wage Order Hearing Developments

On June 30, in Sacramento, the Industrial Welfare Commission was scheduled to hold a hearing to review current overtime and other wage and hour rules and come up with new wage orders. The commission planned to discuss and take action on several issues including these key items:

Employee Policies And Handbooks: California Supreme Court Says You Can Change Your Policies But Adds New Rules For Employers; 3 Management Strategies

An important new California Supreme Court ruling has affirmed your right to modify or rescind your personnel policies, but it also creates new employee protections—and employer compliance obligations. We’ll examine this decision and look at what you have to do before you eliminate or change a policy.