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Wage And Hour: Correcting Docking Mistakes Can Salvage Exempt Status

Even if you’ve correctly classified an employee as exempt from overtime, you can jeopardize the person’s status by improperly docking their pay or otherwise treating the worker as an hourly employee. And mistakes can be costly, requiring you to pay past and future overtime. But there is a little-known special provision in federal law that […]

Exempt Workers: How To Tell When You Have To Pay Overtime To Outside Sales Employees; New Decision Clarifies The Rules

After selling and delivering bottled water for more than three years, Peter Ramirez quit his job and sued his employer, Yosemite Water Company, for back overtime. His lawsuit, which went all the way to the California Supreme Court, highlights how difficult it can be to determine whether or not outside sales personnel qualify as exempt […]

Temps And Contingent Workers: Fallout From Microsoft Ruling Continues-New Lawsuits And Legislation May Force Employers To Pay Benefits

When a federal appeals court ruled recently that software giant Microsoft Corp. will have to pay retroactive employee benefits, including stock options, to temporary employees hired through staffing agencies, it sent a shudder through the growing number of employers who use temps in addition to regular workers. Since the court’s ruling, employees and lawmakers have […]

News Notes: Recruiter Wins Big In Bias Case

An Orange County jury has ordered Hyundai Electronics America Inc. to pay nearly $10 million to an executive recruiter who claimed his rights were violated. Technical Resources owner Jeffrey Abraham claimed that Hyundai told him not to refer black or female candidates to the company’s Oregon semiconductor plant because Korean managers there didn’t want to […]

News Notes: Whats A Sexual Harassment Claim Worth?

A mediator charged with dividing up a $10 million settlement among 120 female sales representatives for drug maker Astra USA Inc. has come up with the novel approach of placing a dollar value on different types of sexual harassment. Fondling or requests for sex by high-level managers drew $250,000; frequent touching by low-level supervisors was […]

News Notes: Court Changes Its Mind On Retaliation And Religious Accommodation Cases

The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal has reconsidered two opinions it issued last year. In one case, the court had ruled that the anti-retaliation provisions of the federal wage and hour laws don’t protect workers who are fired for griping about overtime violations directly to their employers rather than to the government. The court […]

News Notes: Supreme Court Raises Hurdle For Job Bias Punitive Damages

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it harder for employees to win punitive damages under federal anti-discrimination laws. The case involved a suit by a female attorney who claimed she was denied a promotion because of her sex. The court agreed with the employee that punitive damages are available when an employer acts with “reckless […]

Age Discrimination: Court Rejects Claim By Older Worker Who Lost Job After Restructuring; A Case Study Of What The Employer Did Right

Many human resource managers worry about age bias suits whenever there’s a reorganization and older workers who don’t fit in the new company structure are terminated. But if you can show that your motives are business-related and you handle the situation properly, you’ll go a long way toward avoiding liability. Here’s a look at one […]