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Trade Secrets: Workers Liable After Taking Former Employer’s Customer Business Cards; 4-Point Protection Checklist

When employees leave to join a competitor or start their own business, is your confidential data going with them? Sometimes the most valuable, but least-guarded information-like your customers’ names or even an employee’s rolodex-could seriously harm your business if it falls into the wrong hands. This problem continues to cause big headaches for many employers. […]

Disability Discrimination: Do You Have To Accommodate Workers With Weight-Lifting Limits?

Suppose a doctor orders one of your workers not to lift anything over 25 pounds and, as a result, the employee can’t perform certain job duties. If the person demands an accommodation, must you provide one? At first glance, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) might seem to apply to this situation. But a new […]

Background Checks: Important New Credit Report Rules; Plus A 6-Point Compliance Guide

Credit reports can be a useful tool for screening job applicants, but using them recently became more complex. That’s because of several important changes to the federal Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act that are effective September 30, 1997. If you violate these provisions or a similar state law, you can be sued for steep penalties, […]

Personal Liability Of Supervisors: New Decision Increases Your Risks

Many managers are justifiably concerned about the possibility of being on the hook personally for damages when an employee sues for discrimination or harassment. In recent years, several courts have said that managers can be held responsible if they sexually harass someone, but not for acts of race, sex or disability bias.

News Notes: Court Approves—And Expands—Ergonomics Regulations

Responding to legal challenges by both employer and labor organizations, a trial court judge has refused to throw out California’s new workplace ergonomics rules, which took effect on July 3, 1997. Plus, the court ruled that the regulations, aimed at reducing repetitive motion injuries, must apply to all California employers and struck down an exemption […]

News Notes: Wilson Kills Measure To Reinstate Daily Overtime

Governor Wilson has vetoed a bill that would have reinstated overtime for private sector, non-union employees working more than eight hours in a day. The veto moves California one step closer to joining the federal government and most other states in requiring time and a half only after 40 hours in a week, although legal […]

Truth In Hiring: Employer Misrepresents Job Duties And Pays For It; Preventive Steps You Can Take Now

When you’re interviewing applicants, it can be tempting to paint an overly rosy picture of the job to snare a good candidate. But be careful. If what you say isn’t accurate, you could wind up on the wrong side of an expensive fraud lawsuit. We’ll tell you about one employer who recently had this problem […]

News Notes: Home Depot Socked With Big Retaliation And ADA Verdict

An Oakland jury has ordered Home Depot to shell out almost $1.7 million for retaliating against an employee who complained about sexual harassment and failing to accommodate her under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Denise Restivo, a computer systems coordinator, was demoted and transferred after charging that managers made sexual remarks and mocked the company’s […]

News Notes: Deluge Of Overtime Misclassification Claims Not Letting Up

There has been a surge of class action lawsuits filed by workers seeking huge damages for back overtime based on claims that they were improperly classified as managers exempt from overtime laws. Now, more than 600 low-level managers have sued Robinsons-May Inc., a retailer with 46 department stores in California. The workers contend that although […]