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How Much Does Employee Stress Impact a Workplace?

Today we are joined by Laurie Warren, MSN, and founder of Warren Wellness LLC to answer some questions about stress in the workplace. Laurie will be leading a session at TalentCon19 in San Antonio, TX on March 13, 2019, entitled “Fostering Stress Resilience to Unlock Workforce Potential.”

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Sports’ Impact on the American Workplace

It’s probably just as well baseball games don’t usually last until 3:30 in the morning, as a recent 7-hour World Series clash between the Red Sox and the Dodgers did. There is no doubt there were some bleary-eyed Saturday shift workers in Massachusetts the next day who stayed up hoping that their team would come […]


How Does Continuous Performance Management Work

In a previous post, we discussed the results of the State of Continuous Performance Management Survey. The survey results showed significant reductions in some of the negative impacts of only performing annual reviews when companies instead utilized what is known as continuous performance management.

Continuous Performance Management vs. Annual Review

Feedback is crucial to employee development, both to reinforce positive behaviors and to address and correct negative behaviors. Additionally, regular feedback is important in helping employees advance in their careers within the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to limit their formal employee feedback to an annual review.

Wellness Requires Communication, Feedback, and Incentives

In yesterday’s Advisor we looked at two tips for creating a culture of wellness at your organization by answering what employees want and what they need. Today we’ll look at three more tips including incentives, communication, and feedback.

Strategies for Dealing with Hostile People in the Workplace

So, you are dealing with a hostile coworker, colleague, or team member. According to the research, you are not alone. With one study showing that nearly one in five American workers report exposure to hostile or threatening social environments at work—such as verbal abuse or threats, humiliating behavior, bullying, and harassment—it is clear that we […]

How to Bring the Best Ideas Forward

You might think the individual leading a company’s innovation program needs to be an “ideas person”—but I disagree. The real skill is in uncovering and advancing ideas from others across the business.

Why You Should Ensure Your Employers Are Getting Enough Sleep

Research shows that two-thirds of adults sleep below the recommended 7–8 hours per night, losing 41 minutes of sleep, on average, per weeknight[i]. Often, this can be because of the burden of overworking or general job-related worries, and when the weekend arrives, workers are 5 hours behind the amount of sleep needed in order to […]

Are Your Employees Tired at Work? New Research Says Yes

New research from Accountemps shows that as many as 74% of employees reported being tired on the job somewhat often. The potential impact of such fatigue on productivity and decision making makes this an important matter for any HR professional to try to tackle.