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Harassment Not Reported? Time for Training!

Yesterday’s Advisor offered advice for HR managers on what to do when there’s a hint of trouble, like harassment or racial teasing. Today, a look at the bigger question—why the problems weren’t reported. Situations such as those mentioned in yesterday’s Advisor — a boss hitting on a subordinate or racial teasing— should have been formally reported […]

What to Do When You ‘Hear It Through the Grapevine’

When you get hints of inappropriate activity (e.g., a boss “hitting” on a subordinate or racial teasing) but no evidence, no corroboration, and no complaint, should you act? Yes, says today’s expert. The bottom line is that, when faced with a “hint” of inappropriate activity, you absolutely should act, says attorney Thomas N. Makris, SPHR. […]

Selling Safety to the C-Suite

To run an effective safety program, you need to be an enthusiastic booster of safety.  However, enthusiasm won’t win over management—you need to make the business case for safety as well. Management will readily agree that safety is important, and they know that they have a moral–and legal–obligation to maintain a safe workplace.  But sometimes […]

When Safety Lands on HR’s Desk

Is safety part of your portfolio yet? In more and more organizations, HR is taking over safety management. Fortunately, HR managers make great safety managers! In fact (don’t tell the safety people), they often do a better job than technical safety experts do. Why are HR managers so good at safety? Technical safety expertise is […]

Reverse Mentoring and Other Joys of Managing Gens X and Y

Having explained generational baggage in yesterday’s Advisor, n-gen People Performance Inc. consultant Giselle Kovary moves on to tips for getting, keeping, and growing employees of different generations. You have to be able to tell a story that’s appealing to all four generations, says Kovary. Analyze your current approach:  What is your unique selling proposition?  What […]

HR–Balancing Four Generations’ Baggage

Every employee brings “generational baggage,” and today’s HR manager has to carry four generations’ baggage at once, says Giselle Kovary. Kovary, a consultant at n-gen People Performance Inc., specializes in helping companies “get, keep, and grow” four generations of workers simultaneously. In her well-attended session at the recent SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Annual […]

What’s Your HR Credibility Rating?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared some how-to-lose-your-HR-credibility pitfalls. How many applied to you? Today, more tips and an introduction to a unique online training program. Building “HR Cred” is a top task for HR managers, although it never appears on any job description. It’s tough to build credibility, but easy to lose it. Here is […]

‘HR Cred’–How to Build It and How to Lose It

Credibility–it’s hard to establish and it’s easy to lose. Yet, it’s critical for HR success. Today, one expert’s take on how to lose it. The respected HR Competency Study, conducted by the University of Michigan Business School and its partners, has identified six core competency domains for HR managers:At the basic “relationships” level:          Credible Activist […]

Please Sue Me Part II–Documentation and the ‘60 Minutes’ Approach

In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured three of Hunter Lott’s tips from his book Please Sue Me. Today, we look at two more and at a work-saving policy writing tool. Lott, who shared his tips during a SHRM conference, is a partner at HCap International, a human capital training and consulting organization in Lawrence, Kansas. His […]

Please Sue Me–How Managers Beg for Lawsuits

It used to be so much easier, says Hunter Lott. “If you won’t work, I’ll fire you or cut your pay.” Try that now, he says. Employees will say, “Big deal, go ahead and I’ll sue.” Lott is a partner at HCap International, a human capital training and consulting organization in Lawrence, Kansas, and the […]