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HR Metrics: Don’t Go to Management Without Them

Yesterday’s Advisor covered key problems with HR metrics and suggested several metrics best practices. Today, more recommended metrics, plus a timely audio conference to answer your key metrics questions. Dr. John Sullivan, metrics guru, professor of management at San Francisco State University, and blogger on, adds to his list of recommended human resource metrics […]

HR Metrics: Two Common Errors That Make Them Worthless

Measuring HR success to the satisfaction of the CEO remains an elusive goal. Bottom line: You want funding, and they want metrics. Today’s expert has practical help for metrics that are failing to make an impression in the C-suite. Metrics guru Dr. John Sullivan says that human resources managers make two key mistakes when using […]

Minimum Wage Cranks Up Again. Do You Have the Correct Posters Up?

The latest increase in the minimum wage happens soon, and a big change in FMLA is in effect now, so you’d better have posters reflecting the changes (which include a new FMLA “poster insert”) in a prominent place.  Here’s a low cost, worry-free way to take care of it all at once. Why think about […]

Is There Dilbert®-Level Dysfunction in Your Workplace?

We’ve been taking a humorous look at dysfunction in the workplace. Today, more indicators of trouble, and a look at a checklist system that can be HR’s “dysfunction detector.” Yesterday, we reported on 10 signs of a dysfunctional workplace, as cataloged by blogger Scarlett Pruitt on Here are three more: 1. Top managers are […]

10 Signs of a Dysfunctional Workplace

It’s a Dilbert® world out there, says HR blogger Scarlett Pruitt. Signs of dysfunction are rampant. Today, we’ll paraphrase 10 of the most glaring. Pruitt, blogging on, collects real-world evidence of dysfunction in workplace settings. We thought that these 10 of her most revealing signs bear repeating. See anyone/anything familiar here? 1. Nothing can […]

Sued Again? Think Like a Plaintiff’s Lawyer for Best Results

When your organization is hit with a suit, you face a double-headed monster: substantial liability risks and open-ended litigation costs, says attorney Stewart Weltman. But the monster can be tamed. Society may behave according to the 10 Commandments. But if your organization gets sued, attorney Stewart M. Weltman, founder of the Weltman Law Firm in […]

WSJ’s Top Small Workplaces: How Teamwork Helps

In yesterday’s Advisor, we listed common traits of The Wall Street Journal’s 15 top small companies. Today we’ll explore one of those traits—teamwork—taking our cue from a unique BLR resource, Managing an HR Department of One. For many of the top small workplaces, teamwork is an important part of the structure and atmosphere. Why is […]

WSJ’s Top Small Workplaces—and Why They Won

What makes a great smaller company, especially from the HR point of view? The Wall Street Journal’s 15 Top Small Workplaces seem to know. Here are their secrets. Winning Workplaces, an Evanston, Illinois-based nonprofit that helps companies create better work environments, recently teamed up with The Wall Street Journal to select 15 winning small companies […]

Wellness So Simple Even the C-Suite Can Understand

Wellness! It’s a great-sounding concept, but a little vague—and thus hard to sell to senior management. Today’s expert—an SPHR-certified occupational physician—breaks it down into easy-to-grasp basics. If Time magazine named a “Corporate Buzzword of the Year”, it might well be “wellness.” But what exactly does it mean, and what do you have to do to […]

The 10-Minute Stand-Up Meeting: Shovel While the Piles Are Small

What do the Washington State Department of Personnel (DOP), Agile Software, and the Ritz Carlton Hotels have in common? All use the “10-Minute Stand-Up”—a no-chairs-allowed daily meeting to beat the endless meeting syndrome. All across the business world, long, meandering meetings are the most universally disparaged part of the day. However, some organizations have found […]