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What to Do When Your Diversity Dinosaur Is Your Top Producer

Last issue we talked about Imus, Dog, and supervisors who are “diversity dinosaurs.” But how about the case where your dinosaur is also your best producer? Here’s help from a program that can keep the productivity, while losing the negative attitudes. Initially, it sounds like a difficult choice—your rules on discrimination and harassment or your […]

Now Your Worst Moments Are on YouTube

What once was acceptable workplace behavior and humor no longer is. And if some in your company don’t know it, there’s a world of Internet onlookers ready to tell them so. After a trying morning, Jack, usually a calm and restrained manager, lost it at the office. He screamed at his workers, and threw a […]

Is Coaching the New Management?

Should you be coaching instead of managing and supervising? We’ll lay out some coaching basics and tell you about a new January 22 audio conference on successful coaching skills. Coaching is frequent, spontaneous, one-on-one training. Many experts think it is a very effective tool for performance, motivation, and participation. As a performance tool, coaching provides […]

Clarify and Coach, the Two Cs of Performance Management

Too often, managers avoid giving honest evaluations. Maybe they fear causing hurt feelings or maybe they don’t know what to do, but the result is the same—a lost lawsuit. The solution? The two Cs—Clarify and Coach. You know you should be coaching Terry, but you’re busy, and Terry’s doing OK. Well, OK is overstating it, […]

Small Decencies: King Wenceslas’ Job and Yours

At this time of year, we remember King Wenceslas, the 10th-century monarch who took food and firewood to the poor. That small decency was long ago, but author and company CEO Steve Harrison reminds us that small decencies, day after day, still build great companies. A CEO is the business leader, but a CEO is […]

8 Best Practices for Fending Off EEOC Investigators

EEOC is rattling its unconscious/systemic discrimination saber—and if they target you for an investigation, it’s going to be expensive and annoying, whether you are innocent or guilty. Here are 8 steps you can take to forestall the attack. What are the best practices for keeping the EEOC at bay in a time they’re begun to […]

Is There ‘Unconscious Discrimination’ at Your Workplace? EEOC Wants to Know

Does your workplace discriminate “unconsciously?” Courts aren’t sure, says Fortune magazine. But the EEOC isn’t waiting to find out. Despite years of the government, courts, and society in general fighting it, patterns of discrimination still exist at many businesses. Workers seem to be held down based on race, gender, or other factors. But while some […]

Laugh Your Way to Wellness, Part 2: What You Can Joke About

Humorist David Granirer says that humor helps us stay well but that several topics are verboten in the workplace. Today we look at topics you can joke about. As noted in yesterday’s Advisor, humor at work can lead to both healthier employees and a healthier bottom line. But there are some forms of humor that […]

Laugh Your Way to Wellness? Expert Says ‘Yes, You Can’

Wellness is a serious topic, says corporate humorist David Granirer, but a little humor might be just what the doctor ordered. We’ve all been trained that “work isn’t supposed to be fun” and that “no pain, no gain” should be our motto. However, says corporate humorist David Granirer, blogging on, we’re starting to realize […]

HR Lawsuits Get Personal (Part 2 – What to Do)

The threat of individual lawsuits is growing, and HR managers are right in the thick of it. Here are tactics for avoiding such suits … and an antilawsuit tool you should be using regularly. Yesterday’s Advisor reported on a troubling increase in plaintiffs in employment law cases filing suit against individual managers as well as […]