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There are dozens of details to take care of in the day-to-day operation of your department and your company. We give you case studies, news updates, best practices and training tips that keep your organization fully in compliance with ever-changing employment law, and you fully aware of emerging HR trends.

GOP Out! Democrats In! What Federal-State Law Conflicts Are Most Likely Now?

Whenever there’s a major power shift in government, it’s time to look at employment law again … and especially at federal-state conflicts. Just over two weeks and counting. Who’s counting? The Democratic Party, of course, anxiously awaiting the day … January 4th  … that their dozen-year exile from control of Congress ends. When power shifts […]

It’s All About Respect

As workplaces become more diverse, the need for co-workers to show respect for each other grows. This new program may help build it at your organization. A recent Daily Advisor article talked about maintaining worker respect for management authority. That’s one of two kinds of respect in a workplace. The other, equally important, is respect […]

Holiday Familiarity … At What Point Do Managers Lose Respect?

During the holidays, traditional lines of workplace authority become blurred, and respect for management authority can be the victim. Here are some do’s and don’ts to maintain it … at holiday time and anytime. Holiday season is here, and we all know what that means, don’t we? Why, you can hear the strains of “Silver […]

Are We Seeing the End of Lunch?

Workplace stress is causing a continuous … and many think unhealthy … decline in time off taken for lunch. Here’s what one government agency employer is doing about it. “What’s for lunch?” That’s a question millions of workers are NOT asking these days, according to trend studies conducted over the past few years. The studies […]

Are We ‘Coddling’ Our Workers?

A tough-talking, strictly business consultant says yes, and we need to stop it, and start focusing on business. It’s the closing seconds of an NFL football game, and the losing team has the ball. If they can score now, they can win! The team huddles, and the quarterback calls for a long pass. But then, […]

The Workplace Conflict Resolution Playbook

Workplace conflict disrupts morale and performance, and affects everyone in the organization. Here are some tips to referee these matches to a peaceful conclusion. Jo and Lee have never really liked each other, but these days, their conflict is the scandal of the office. People go out of their way to not have the two […]

What Concerns HR? Survey Says …

Recent surveys of the profession show few surprises in what concerns HR. The surprises are in what doesn’t concern you as much. As fall is traditionally the time of year when businesses assess their positions and plan for their futures, we thought it might be a good time for a “state of HR” assessment. What […]

Be Your Company’s ‘Other CEO’ (Chief Ethics Officer)

Research shows that good business ethics pay off financially as well as legally. Here’s how to promote “doing the right thing” in your organization. Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling. Worldcom’s Bernie Ebbers. Tyco’s Dennis Kozlowski. Their antics cost stockholders a fortune, robbed employees of their livelihood, and resulted in all of them facing long prison terms. But […]

State Law Affects HR Records Retention, Too

With 50 states, there can be 50 different sets of requirements on any employment law. Here’s a way to quickly scan them all. The recent Advisor article on “data breach” noted that there are 22 different state laws on protection of records, not to mention New York City having its own law. What’s more, the […]

Study Shows Informally Managed Companies Make More Money, Cut Turnover

Let employees steer their own ship, and run the place like a family, and revenue, profit growth and turnover ALL may improve … in double-digits, says a new study Some employers might think the keys to getting maximum results from a business enterprise are tightly managed employee procedures, a “strictly business” atmosphere, and employees chosen primarily […]