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There are dozens of details to take care of in the day-to-day operation of your department and your company. We give you case studies, news updates, best practices and training tips that keep your organization fully in compliance with ever-changing employment law, and you fully aware of emerging HR trends.

Put These Words into Your Managers’ Mouths

In critical HR discussions with employees, some of your managers will do best working from a script. When it comes to HR-related actions, do your line managers suffer from “wingtip in mouth disease?” You know the symptoms: They over-promise or ask inappropriate or even illegal questions during job interviews. Their performance appraisal meetings with employees […]

9/11’s Lesson for Business: Have an Emergency Response Plan That Works

The 5th anniversary of that tragic September morning reiterates how important it is to plan for emergencies. Here are some of the basics. With the 5th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, there’s again discussion about whether anything could have lessened the extreme loss of life on that terrible day. Although the terrorists are ultimately to blame, […]

Behold the Humble Checklist: It Could Save Your Job!

Low-tech and unexciting, the ordinary checklist keeps airliners flying. It could do the same for your career. In a recent article, HR Daily Advisor warned of the top 10 reasons employers get sued. The list contained no giant surprises. Most involved ordinary, day-to-day, careless acts such as misclassifying nonexempt employees as exempt, asking illegal pre-employment […]

The Top 10 Reasons Employers Get Sued

Get on this list of “Top 10 Hits,” and you may be the one that takes the hit! If you think the music business is the only one with a list of “Top 10 Hits,” think again. Employment lawyers have one, too. According to attorney Peter Janus, a partner with Siegel, O’Conner, Zangari, O’Donnell & […]

Workplace Negativity: Ways to Beat It

A dose of positive leadership, honesty, and recognition can cure workplace negativity and turn it into “Yes, we can!” As Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, he went through hundreds of designs that didn’t work. At one point a reporter asked him, “Mr. Edison, aren’t you tired of failing?” “Failing?” Edison roared back. “Why I’ve […]

Federal/State Employment Law Conflicts: Taming the Two-Headed Monster

A small publisher tackles federal/state employment law conflicts … and comes up with a classic solution. A recent article in Daily Advisor discussed the practice of “toggling.” No, it’s not a new dance craze, though many HR professionals probably wish it was. It’s the constant switching back and forth that HR managers have to do […]

Doing the ‘Toggle’: Managing Both State and Federal Employment Laws

If you’ve fully complied with federal law, your job is not done. Your state probably has laws that overlap, or even conflict with, the federal laws. Here are the issues where that’s most likely to happen. Ever hear of the ‘toggle’? It’s a maneuver most HR professionals execute every day—jumping between state and federal law […]