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"I Thought PTO Was Supposed to Be Easy!"

PTO (Paid Time Off) has been plugged as the new, better way to manage time off. Is it? Maybe, but there are pitfalls. Two experts explain how to implement a program that appeals to employees, encourages productivity, and doesn’t violate the law. Vacation time, sick time, personal time—who’s got the time … to keep track […]

Wellness: A Win-Win … If You Avoid the Legal Pitfalls

Corporate wellness seems like a win-win, and it is, except for a few legal pitfalls. We’ll tell you what to watch for, and share a solution that will help you set up a program that is effective and legal. Yesterday’s Advisor gave examples of wellness programs that are working. Employees are losing weight, eating more […]

Thanksgiving: Time to Think about Wellness and Weight Loss?

What’s on your corporate Thanksgiving table? How about a helping of wellness and weight-loss programs? The Advisor looks at some that work. Thanksgiving is traditionally a forget-the-diet day for many of your employees. Maybe that makes this week a great time to consider a wellness program that will help them live healthier lives the other […]

Mega-Mistakes Managers Make

Yesterday’s Advisor covered hiring mistakes Today we look at other common goofs managers make and a BLR program uniquely designed to help smaller HR departments avoid them. Yesterday, we described major hiring mistakes companies make, per the research of top consultancy, Gevity HR. These include relying exclusively on traditional sources, failing to market your organization […]

Will ‘Mental Minefields’ Blow up Your Corporate Wellness Program?

Our last issue talked about how “mental minefields,” as defined by the consultant McKinsey & Company, erode corporate health and prevent sustained growth. Let’s see if those minefields attack wellness efforts as well. Yesterday’s Advisor detailed five factors spelled out by consultant McKinsey & Company that foster “corporate health” (sustained growth) and three “mental minefields” […]

Corporate Health: HR’s Route to the C-Suite?

“Corporate health” is that elusive state that leads to the C-Suite’s holy grail—sustained growth. But, says top consultant McKinsey & Company, it may also be HR’s entry into a strategic planning role. Does your company seek sustained, profitable, healthy growth? According to top consultants, writing in the McKinsey Quarterly, there are five key factors that […]

4 Things Others Do That HR Hates the Most

Don’t you hate when that happens? Or that? Or that? A new book lists things that rile you up the most … and what you do in return. Ever since the Japanese started eating the lunch of American business back in the 1970s, U.S. companies have focused on the team. After all, that was a […]

Cut Turnover, Build Retention: Experts Explain How to Do Both

Can you retain your best employees even as competition in the job market stiffens? Sure you can … if you know these turnover-reducing, retention-increasing techniques. When talk turns to turnover and retention, we’ve all heard the gloomy statistics. Of every 10 workers in your organization now, three will retire over the next 10 years. Out […]

Are You Actually De-Motivating Your Employees?

Research shows that workers come on the job already motivated, and common business practices rob them of it. The researchers offer some tools to reverse this process. “Most companies have it all wrong. They don’t have to motivate their employees. They have to stop de-motivating them.” With this one attention-getting statement, three researchers recently demolished […]