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Performance Management Evolves Beyond the Annual Review

Even the biggest fans of the annual performance review admit it has its flaws—such as assessing work and behavior months later through a rigid format that doesn’t always reflect true accomplishments and has a lack of nuance.

Feeling Stressed? Take It Outside

We all need a breath of fresh air sometimes. With spring finally arriving, we’re emerging from our winter hibernation—perhaps better described for some of us as winter avoidance. This article addresses the unwanted consequences of work stress, and the benefits of encouraging employees to spend time outside.

Steps for Using Noncore Staff More Strategically

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of leveraging noncore staff more efficiently. Most companies use administrative assistance or specialized teams, such as communications or marketing, to focus on activities that are noncore, depending on the industry (i.e., for a PR or marketing company, communications and marketing may very well be core functions).

Discipline Options to Avoid Termination

What should an employer do to manage an employee who is performing inconsistently but is more often a good employee? Or what about times when an employee is causing a problem but may not even realize it? What about otherwise high-performing employees who do things like show up late or have a lot of errors […]

Optimizing Focus and Performance with Employee Monitoring

Gone are the days when monitoring an employee’s performance was only about assessing the output or results they produced. Organizations today are increasingly focusing on the input side as well—how an employee does what he or she does, how much time is spend on what the job, and how much time is taken up by […]

The Mueller Team Worked Without Cell Phones

I was intrigued by one aspect of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 election—and it has nothing to do with President Donald Trump. What caught my attention was a reference in The New York Times about his interesting approach to mobile devices. “Mueller’s team investigating Russia’s role in the […]


Five Advantages of Employee-Driven Feedback

HR professionals may feel like the sole drivers of performance and development processes, but even though they are responsible for kick-starting continual feedback in the organization, their success is dependent on managers and employees embracing it. When employees feel comfortable sharing, asking for, and receiving performance analyses, notable changes will occur in your company’s operations. […]