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Keep your company in compliance with federal and state laws while you set the appropriate tone for your organization. Get tips on developing solid HR policies that will hold up to scrutiny, along with quick-reading summaries of significant white papers that provide perspective to help you evaluate policy choices in terms of your organization.

The Digital Data Dragon: Can You Tame It?

As we saw in yesterday’s Advisor, digital discovery is a painstaking—and potentially painful—process. Today, some tips from an authority on the subject, and an introduction to HR data audit checklists. The Sedona Conference® Institute develops guidelines for electronic document retention and production. Its recommendations emphasize reasonableness and cooperation. Here are some of its suggestions: Confer […]

Employee Cell Phone Use – Essential Policy Points

Cellular phone-toting employees can be quite a liability, as we saw in the last issue of the Advisor. Today we’ll look at some cell phone safety policy points and share some good news—your policies are already written! Here, from BLR’s SmartPolicies on CD, are crucial points to consider in creating your cell phone policy: Training. […]

Wired Employees: Great for Productivity—and Liability

These days, it seems as though most every employee needs a cell phone, pager, or PDA. While these devices can be great for productivity, says employment attorney Sarah Weitz, they can also create liability. Digital devices can pose problems ranging from safety to wage and hour and productivity, says attorney Sarah Weitz, blogging on […]

Should HR Enter into Love Contracts?

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? How about a nice romantic interlude … say, an audio conference on workplace romance? We’ll get to that in a minute. First, as promised, attorney Joseph Beachboard on Love Contracts. In yesterday’s Advisor, employment law attorney Joseph Beachboard discussed the challenges of romance in the workplace. Today, he […]

Workplace Romances: Fine ‘Til the Breakup

With Valentine’s Day in the air, thoughts naturally turn to the workplace romance: it’s cute, it’s touching … and it’s dangerous. Most such romances eventually break up, and then show their dark side: charges of harassment, hostile environment, favoritism, and retaliation. What do Bill Clinton, Bill O’Reilly, presidential advisor Paul Wolfowitz, and space shuttle astronaut […]

Super Bowl Office Pools: Teambuilding or Illegal Gambling?

Super Bowl time! Who do you have in the pool? Only a few more hours to get in! Office betting pools sound like good, clean American fun, but are they actually illegal gambling? Experts say yes. With Super Bowl XLII this Sunday and March Madness right around the corner, it’s a busy time for the […]

Investigations: 4 Tips to Do Them Right

Investigations are tricky, and state law conflicts don’t make the situation any clearer. Here’s more on investigations and an introduction to the famed BLR “Red Book” that many HR managers rely on day in and day out to understand both federal and state employment law. Yesterday’s Advisor offered “6 killer mistakes” that attorney Jonathan Segal […]

EEO Investigations: 6 Killer Mistakes

With EEO investigations, says attorney Jonathan Segal, whatever you do, someone’s going to be unhappy. Either you didn’t investigate hard enough or you investigated too hard. Here are 6 common investigation errors that Segal sees all too often. When it comes to EEO investigations, attorney Jonathan Segal has seen it all, and much of what […]

6 Tips for Dealing with New HR Laws, Regs, and Court Decisions

As every year does, 2008 brings new laws, new regs, and new court decisions to deal with. Here are 6 tips for handling the changes, whatever they are … and an introduction to our new January 30 audio conference, 2008 Legislative Update. New year, new laws and regs! OK, take time to groan, but only […]