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Crime Doesn’t Pay—and Neither Does Publicity—When You Are on WC

By: Elaine Quayle When you are on workers’ compensation (WC) but also working on the sly, you might be afraid the WC bureau will catch you for fraud. But it’s a sure bet if you have your picture in an ad for your new employer in the Sunday newspaper! According to a press release from […]

Employer Goes Ballistic When Off-Duty Offense Goes Viral

By: Elaine Quayle It’s bad enough when an employee behaves badly on a business trip—but it’s even worse when the incident is videoed and goes viral internationally! Media reports say that Oleg Vedernikov, principal cellist with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, was traveling with the orchestra by train when he propped up his bare feet on […]

Employers and Terminations—So What’s a Few Decades?

By: Elaine Quayle It’s strange, but true. In the news, we have stories of an employer apologizing for firing an employee during World War II, and another company firing a long-time employee for something that happened 40 years ago. What are a few years between employees and termination issues anyway? Wells Fargo Bank terminated a […]

Fired for Getting Pregnant or for Sleeping with Fiancé?

By: Kyle Emshwiller A woman who taught at a Christian school has filed a discrimination suit against her employer, claiming she was fired after she conceived a baby with her fiancé out of wedlock. What happened. The woman began to work for the school in 2008. In 2009, she became pregnant and was married a […]

Twitter Stirring Up Trouble at Work

By: Kyle Emshwiller Facebook isn’t the only social media network that can stir up trouble at work. Here are a few cautionary Twitter tales. Social Media in the Big League—Major league baseball hit a home run earlier this spring by issuing new social media guidelines. According to reports, the policy was not intended to deter […]

Facebook ‘Liking’ Is Not Protected Activity, Says District Court

By: Kyle Emshwiller The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia has found that “liking” something on Facebook is insufficient to be protected under the First Amendment. The six plaintiffs in the case were former employees at a Virginia sheriff’s department. When election time rolled around, the plaintiffs favored their boss’s opponent and […]


Fashion Exec’s Facebook Faux Pas Not Funny, Says Employer

By: Elaine Quayle What was he thinking?  When a fashion house CFO vented, blogged, and tweeted his workplace frustrations on his social media outlets, he forgot that more than his friends could read them! According to The Wall Street Journal and other media reports, Gene Morphis, chief financial officer of Francesca’s Holdings, used his blog, […]