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You use job descriptions for everything from hiring to evaluation, so you want your descriptions to be as precise as possible. Use our tips to help you refine your job descriptions, stay competitive in your industry, and attract the best qualified employees.

Market Pricing? Seven Steps Will Get You There

Market pricing is critical for most every organization, says consultant Michael Strand. Without it, you’re likely to underpay (and lose your best workers) or overpay (and lose your profitability). Strand, owner of consultancy HR Dynamics Inc., offered his seven steps to successful market pricing at a recent webinar hosted by BLR/HRhero. 1. Identify Positions to […]

Job Descriptions—One Common Mistake

Well-developed written job descriptions are essential to the hiring process, for two reasons, says attorney Susan Fahey Desmond: They assist you in clarifying what skills or traits you expect an applicant to meet They help you to defend yourself in court should you be sued over your hiring decision. We found details in BLR/HRhero’s HR […]

Job Description Danger—Disparate Impact Lawsuit

It doesn’t seem that job descriptions would be lawsuit generators, but poorly written or out-of-date job descriptions can set you up for a nasty disparate impact lawsuit, says attorney Susan Fahey Desmond. For a more detailed explanation, we turned to BLR/HRhero’s HR Guide to Employment Law, written in part by Desmond, who is a Partner […]

Use Outcome Not Method to Describe Essential Functions

Yesterday’s Advisor covered the two big not-required-but-necessary HR tasks—policies, and job descriptions. Today, specifics on essential functions, plus an introduction to a popular digital collection of pre-written job descriptions. [Go here for yesterday’s tips on job descriptions] Outcomes over Methods Describe an essential function more as an outcome than a method, BLR’s experts say. That […]

Not Required, But Necessary

What are the two major challenges for HR that aren’t required but are necessary? Policies and job descriptions? True, no law requires them, but you’re begging for lawsuits if you try to get along without them. Policies/Practices/Protocols Why do you need policies? You don’t want your managers and supervisors deciding on their own how to […]

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5 Critical Components Every Job Description Must Contain

In a part one of this article we featured the California Employment Law Letter’s take on the importance of a good job description. Today, we look at the key components every job description must contain.

Backburner Job Descriptions? You’d Like to, But You Can’t

Can’t we deal with job descriptions later? No, you need lean, practical job descriptions that accurately reflect essential job duties, says BLR’s California Employment Law Letter. They serve an important, if not necessary, function in virtually every significant employment decision businesses make.

HR’s Worst Mistake—The Trigger-Happy ‘No’

Special from the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Las Vegas The number one mistake I see is untrained supervisors responding negatively to employees’ requests for reasonable accommodation, said attorney Mark Schickman, They just say “no” without any interactive discussion. Even if you’re sure there’s no hope of accommodation, you have to have the interactive discussion, he […]

Danger: Casual Background Checks on Social Media

Special from the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Las Vegas The biggest mistake I see managers making is failure to document, says attorney Molly DiBianca, member of the Employers Counsel Network (BLR/M. Lee Smith’s network of attorneys from all 50 states). And the number two mistake is casual background checks on social media. DiBianca’s remarks came at […]

The Single Most Common Mistake in Writing Job Descriptions

In yesterday’s Advisor, attorney Olivia Goodkin revealed the top four reasons you need job descriptions. Today, her take on how to craft the job description, plus an introduction to BLR’s popular encyclopedia of pre-written job descriptions. Goodkin who is a partner in the Los Angeles office of law firm Rutter Hobbs & Davidoff, gave her […]