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You use job descriptions for everything from hiring to evaluation, so you want your descriptions to be as precise as possible. Use our tips to help you refine your job descriptions, stay competitive in your industry, and attract the best qualified employees.

8 Strategies for Retaining Techies (and the Rest of Us)

Recruiting techie talent is all about understanding what they are looking for—and that’s true for recruiting any type of talent. In yesterday’s Advisor, we learned how retention gives a boost to recruiting; today, “techie” retention tips and an introduction to a unique new way to manage the first step of recruiting–job descriptions. Here are techie […]

Recruiting Techie Talent (The Rules Work for ‘Other’ Talent, Too)

Recruiting techie talent is all about understanding what they are looking for—and that’s true for recruiting any type of talent. First, let’s look at a survey that recruiting firm Dice, which specializes in technology and engineering employees, recently conducted among more than 650 passive and active information technology (IT) candidates. What’s Missing from Job Postings? […]

Job Descriptions–Your First Line of Defense

In the last issue of the Advisor, we covered methodology and appraisal in layoffs. Today, we look at the role of job descriptions–and at a surprising new job description development and storage system. If anyone questions your selections for layoff (and yes, someone is going to question them), and you considered skills and priorities for […]

Make Job Descriptions Do More than Describe a Job

Reviewing our records recently, we found a provocative article on job descriptions by Shelburne, Vermont, consultant Scott Delman, author of “How to Mean Business, Water Cooler Wisdom” and other books. Good things bear repeating … and sharing. So let’s share some of his thoughts with you now. Job descriptions are all too frequently written like […]

Monster®’s Hiring Secrets (Part 2)

Yesterday’s Advisor talked about the approach of Monster’s recently published guide, Finding Keepers, to employment—the “engagement cycle” of attract, acquire,advance. Today: Monster’s tips on how to work job descriptions into effective job ads—and a BLR tool that essentially writes your job descriptions for you. Most job ads, says Finding Keepers, published by Monster, are just […]

Never Put This in a Job Description

Last issue, we talked about what to include in job descriptions; today we tell you what to leave out. And we’ll reveal a handy program that makes quick work of all your job description tasks. Essential job elements, exposure to physical hazards, pay grade … the list of what should be in a job description […]

Job Descriptions: 5 Myths About Essential Functions

Chances are, your boss isn’t screaming, “Where are those job descriptions?” But come court time, come EEOC investigation time, it’s “What? You didn’t update the job descriptions?” A new year is starting.  That means it’s time to review those job descriptions again. And as always, the focus is on the essential functions decision. We’ve collected […]

The 5 Killer Job Description Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Let’s hear it for job descriptions! OK, we agree, no one’s cheering about doing them, but we did explain in yesterday’s Advisor how important they are. Fortunately, there’s a handy program that makes quick work of job description tasks. We’re talking about BLR’s unique Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. Around here, we call it the “JDE.” Here’s […]

Job Descriptions – Pain, Priority, or Both?

Job Descriptions: They’re probably the dullest task in HR management—annoying to do and easy to put off. But hold on—maybe you should get to them today. Let’s see why. “I’ve got more important things to do than going over dusty job descriptions.” Maybe you do. But when your CEO starts screaming about retention and employee […]