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You use job descriptions for everything from hiring to evaluation, so you want your descriptions to be as precise as possible. Use our tips to help you refine your job descriptions, stay competitive in your industry, and attract the best qualified employees.

Job Descriptions – Pain, Priority, or Both?

Job Descriptions: They’re probably the dullest task in HR management—annoying to do and easy to put off. But hold on—maybe you should get to them today. Let’s see why. “I’ve got more important things to do than going over dusty job descriptions.” Maybe you do. But when your CEO starts screaming about retention and employee […]

Job Descriptions … Without the Work

When job descriptions are needed … at an average cost of less than 66 cents each … here’s the program thousands have turned to—BLR’s Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor noted that one term HR professionals often search on Google™ and other search engines is “job descriptions.” Each month, some of you want to know […]

Job Descriptions: Essential Elements Explained

Job descriptions are the building blocks of your organization. Here are the building blocks you need in a job description. One way HR professionals get information from BLR is through Google™ and other search engines. They search for what they need to know and, if we’ve got it, the search engine will tell them so. […]

Job Descriptions: A Job Better Left to the Pros?

Writing job descriptions has become so time-consuming and legally complex some managers just ignore using them and deny themselves a valuable HR tool. A solid prewritten or sample program might be the answer. They’re often the unwanted stepchildren of the HR office. Stashed on a high shelf. Stored in a dusty binder. Written, filed, and […]

Job Descriptions: They Can Do More Than One Job!

By Scott Delman Use job descriptions to tell workers their specific activities … but also their part in improving the company’s reputation. Take an objective look at your job descriptions and hiring practices. Ask yourself if they are in line with obtaining workers who will bring you to that elusive “level of performance” you’ve often […]

When writing job descriptions, don’t forget the excitement

With today’s top job candidates besieged with offers, how you go about writing job descriptions may determine your chances of winning the talent you need. Here are two ways an HR manager might go about writing job descriptions for the same position. See which way of writing a job description you think would attract more […]

Before job descriptions, job analysis

You can’t really write a job description until you’ve explored all phases of the position you seek to fill. Job analysis is the process that does it. In today’s business, before there is a job, there is a job description. But, say occupational specialists from Ohio State University, before there can be a job description, […]