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Encouraging Employees to Volunteer Has Many Benefits

Monday through Thursday, Michelle—the corporate vice president—shows up to the office in a stylish suit and is well prepped for her many meetings. But on alternate Fridays, she’s in jeans and tennis shoes, chopping onions as she prepares lunch for the local homeless center. These two different scenarios aren’t all that surprising, although what may […]

Give Your Employee Referral Program a Facelift

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor examined the growing reliance on talent scout programs among employers looking to modernize traditional employee referral strategies. Today, we offer four additional tips to help achieve the revamp.

Why ‘Talent Scouts’ Trump Traditional Employee-Referral Programs

As you know, employee-referral programs (ERPs) tend to be one of the most effective recruiting strategies available to organizations—chiefly because they expand the applicant pool, identify candidates with precisely the right skills and values, and potentially reduce recruiting costs.

Structuring Your Company Sabbatical Program

Yesterday, we introduced the topic of sabbaticals for employees, which are no longer perks reserved for college professors in tweed jackets. Many companies are finding that a sabbatical is a great benefit for current workers and highly influential for employee recruitment. How do you put together a sabbatical program that’s fair and well-received? Here are […]

Are Sabbaticals Right for Your Company?

When the White House announced presidential daughter Malia Obama was taking a gap year between high school and college, many people thought it was a good idea. The break between schooling is usually used as an opportunity for young people to do something meaningful, pause from the routine, and return ready to focus on achieving […]

Cultural Considerations for Global Communications

Yesterday we addressed how to write English for a global audience. For example, using simpler sentences (no semicolons!), avoiding contractions, and writing in present tense are all good form. However, there are also cultural issues to recognize when sending communications internationally. Here are a few reminders:

Get Your Writing Global

Is your command of English good enough for readers outside the United States?  This may seem an odd question, but consider that, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, English is the native language of a vast amount of people—many of whom are not from the United States.  Add in all nonnative English speakers and English is […]

Tame the ‘Wild West’ of Wellness

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed the rapidly expanding wellness marketplace, outlining specific guidance for navigating the crowded field successfully. Today we tackle more ways to manage the challenge.

6 Ways to Navigate the Booming Wellness Market

As wellness and prevention swiftly become the No. 1 driving force behind employer-sponsored health benefits, you may have noticed that the wellness industry is expanding—exploding, really—in turn. This trend is creating a tougher challenge for corporate leaders, who are seeking to successfully navigate a fast-moving market with a hefty array of services.