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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Firm Continues to Earn Accolades for Its Commitment to Learning

Late last year, PwC ( received three coveted Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. The firm earned the following bronze awards: Best Custom Content and Best Use of Video for Learning for its “Finding Black and White in Shades of Grey” course, which promotes a respectful work environment, and Best Onboarding Program for its “101: PwC Internship […]

Ask the Trainer: Physical Space

A: Content physical space where training takes place can influence how effective training is; yet many trainers do not take that into consideration when designing and delivering training, says Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D., coach, speaker, and author ( Ideally, trainers should know during the design phase where the training will occur and how many learners will […]

How Effective Are Executive Coaching Programs?

In addition, 12% reported that their executive coaching programs are “ineffective,” according to the survey of 230 organizations by AMA Enterprise, a division of American Management Association ( that offers advisory services and tailored learning programs. “The mixed grades for coaching aren’t unexpected when compared to the effectiveness of other executive and leadership development opportunities,” […]

Top Organizations Invest More Time, Financial Resources in Training

Organizations increased their spending on employee development by 9.5 percent in 2011—to a per-learner average of $800, according to The Corporate Learning Factbook® 2012: Benchmarks, Trends and Analysis of the U.S. Training Market from Bersin & Associates. The firm also reported that large businesses nearly doubled their investment in social learning—to an average of $40,000. […]

Was Failure to Attend Half of Training Classes Grounds for Termination?

What Happened “Christopher” worked as a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Canton Fire Department for 11 years before being hired by the Nimishillen Township Fire Department, where he was employed in the same position for 12 years. The Nimishillen Township department required its firefighters to attend at least 50 percent of all trainings offered annually, but Christopher […]

Ask the Trainer: Storytelling During Training

A:  Stories help learners remember key points from training sessions, reinforce the content, and help new trainers feel more poised and comfortable, says Mark Satterfield, founder and CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing, LLC (, and author of Unique Sales Stories: How to Persuade Others Through the Power of Stories. “People remember stories,” he says. “People are […]

Ask the Trainer: Weekend Training

A: According to BLR legal editors, there is no federal law that would prohibit an employer from requiring an exempt employee to attend a training session over a weekend, especially where the training is necessary for the employee to perform the job. However, the company should consider any union contract, individual employment contract, or policy […]

5 Recommendations for Implementing Successful mLearning Programs

“We believe that mobile technology can become an engine of business learning in the same way the World Wide Web became the backbone of learning during the previous technological revolution,” says Alex Heiphetz, Ph.D., author of “mLearning: A Practical Approach to Mobile Technology for Workforce Training,” a policy paper from The McGraw-Hill Research Foundation.  Heiphetz […]

Five Quick Rules for New Supervisors and Managers

The business landscape abounds with HR-related traps for unwary new supervisors or managers, and the stakes are too high to think that they can get trained on the job. In yesterday’s Advisor,  we talked about supervisors and managers who tried to be good supervisors, but their good intentions backfired. Instead, they laid the groundwork for […]

Unfortunate HR Rule: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“No good deed goes unpunished.” Nowhere is that maxim more applicable than when untrained supervisors and managers try to be good bosses. If you’ve got new, or recently promoted, supervisors or managers, see if any of these situations are familiar: “Do you think you might be depressed?” asks the concerned, but untrained, boss. “I didn’t,” […]