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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Help, They Made Me a Supervisor—Part 2—What to Do

Help, no kidding. New supervisors are in for a great ride, but if you don’t train them well—and fast—they’re going to crash and burn. Here are tips and news about a new audio conference especially for new supervisors. Last issue we posed 9 problem areas for new supervisors and promised that today, we’d offer some […]

3 Vital Things Supervisors Should Say

Last Advisor, we talked about 7 things not to say; today we’ll cover 3 things supervisors should say, and tell you about a new audio conference that will keep you, your supervisors, and your managers from saying “stupid things.” “Gee, I never knew that.” “Where does it say I was supposed to do that?” Aren’t […]

Begging for Lawsuits: 7 Stupid Things Supervisors Say

Supervisors and managers with the best of intentions say the worst possible things. Some are said out of concern and some out of a desire to “act like a manager.” But they’re all dangerous. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of 7 of the most troublesome. 1) I think you’re depressed. Shouldn’t you see somebody? Comments like […]

Retaliation: The Dumbest Thing Managers Do

What, someone filed a complaint about me? No one gets away with that! Whoever it is will be sorry! Sound like any of your managers? Tell them that, whatever it is, get over it! Retaliation is a platinum invitation to a lawsuit. If you haven’t trained your managers to avoid retaliation, it’s likely that one […]

Why Firing Must Be a Group Decision

If termination is necessary, let it be a group decision, say the experts. That approach will hold up strongly against legal challenges. Here’s why: First, specialized input. As we mentioned in yesterday’s Advisor, specialized members of the management team, like the HR manager, are in a better position to judge the appropriate action to take. […]

5 Key Steps to Avoid Termination-Based Lawsuits

There’s nothing like a termination to get the “l’m-going-to-sue!” juices flowing. People want someone to blame, and, guess what? It’s not going to be them. Ill-considered and hasty terminations spell lawsuit time after time. And most of those lawsuits are avoidable—if you know what to do. Yes, you may win the lawsuit. But, unfortunately, once […]

When Bad Supervisors Happen to Good People: The High Cost of Poor Supervision

Supervisors are the most important factor in a work unit’s performance, says HR trainer Steve Oppermann. They are driving force that brings excellence—or the dragging force that guarantees mediocrity. Are your supervisors driving your organization or putting a drag on it? Even a small supervisory deficiency can result in billions in losses, says Oppermann, an […]