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The Americans with Disabilities Act protects qualified disabled employees from discrimination. HR Daily Advisor gives you the background you need on who’s covered, what constitutes a “reasonable accommodation”, issues involving health insurance and medical leave, tax incentives for employers, and more.

FMLA Intermittent Leave Abuse: 7 Ways to Curb It Now!

The DOL wants your suggestions to improve FLMA by Feb. 2, but you can curb intermittent leave abuse now. Here are 7 ways to do it. What are you doing between now and Feb 2? How about using some of that time to suggest changes to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA […]

Winter’s Here! Does FMLA Cover the Flu?

The flu can affect 10 to 20 percent of your workforce. But is it serious enough to warrant FLMA coverage? Here’s the government’s typically fuzzy answer. December 21 marks the first day of winter. That means joyous holidays and great skiing, (snow or water, depending on where you are.) But it also means the return […]

ADA vs. FMLA: A Training Tool to End Supervisor Confusion

With millions of employees about to request leave to meet caregiver obligations, supervisors need to understand the Family and Medical Leave Act and how it relates to the ADA. The solution lies in the tool you use to train them. Since it arrived after World War II, the Baby Boom generation has rocked American society, both […]

Thanksgiving Brings Workplace Family Responsibilities Concerns … and Lawsuits!

This year, while you’re thinking about families, think about the Workplace Family Responsibilities movement too. Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of emphasis on the family, and for recalling that wonderful Norman Rockwell painting of several generations of a family, healthy and at leisure, sharing turkey and all the trimmings. The real picture of family life […]

Should Employers Pay for ‘Hurricane Time Off?’

In the past, employers have paid for time off during weather disasters. After last year’s huge losses, that may be changing. The important thing is to have a policy ahead of the storm. Wilma, Frances, and, of course, Katrina. Say those names a year or so ago and you might have been talking about someone’s […]

DOL Declares FLSA War! Here’s How to Stay Out of the Line of Fire

FLSA overtime violations have replaced discrimination as DOL’s number one target. Do a self-audit and keep investigators at bay. There’s a war being waged in America’s workplaces. The aggressors are the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and employment law attorneys, often pursuing class action suits. Their targets have included some of America’s largest […]

Absenteeism in the Workplace: How to Handle it Legally and Effectively

Absenteeism in the workplace raises costs and undercuts teamwork. There are ways to handle it, but first make sure it’s not an FMLA- or ADA-protected situation. “Playing hooky.” “Taking mental health days.” “Fishing therapy.” Call it what you will, but excessive and especially unauthorized absenteeism in the workplace is a chronic issue for business. It […]