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Massachusetts Pay Equity Law Set to Go into Effect July 1

Massachusetts’ new pay equity law amending the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act (MEPA) is set to take effect July 1. The law is intended to reduce the pay gap between men and women by providing a broader definition of “comparable work” and limiting the acceptable reasons for paying people of different genders differently.

New Jersey’s Strengthened Pay Equity Law Takes Effect July 1

New Jersey’s sweeping equal pay law–the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act–is scheduled to take effect on July 1. Named for a former Republican state senator, the law applies to all employers in New Jersey regardless of size.

Hands-Free Georgia Act Takes Effect July 1, 2018

Georgia employees are increasingly dealing with infuriating traffic jams and extended commute times, particularly in and around Metro Atlanta. The majority of Georgia drivers regularly have a mobile phone within arm’s reach of the steering wheel. A sizable number of Georgia employees drive during the course and scope of their employment. Hands-free technology now makes […]

Pluses, Minuses Seen in Proposed DOL, DOE Merger

President Donald Trump’s proposal to merge the federal Department of Labor (DOL) with the Department of Education (DOE) is being called a long shot, but if it does eventually come to pass, it could bring both pluses and minuses for employers.

EEOC Chair Not Seeing Wave of Harassment Claims in Wake of #MeToo

With the #MeToo movement continuing to gain steam, an increase in the number of sexual harassment claims made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) might be expected. And although the EEOC chair says that hasn’t been the case, at least slow change may be on the way.


Got FMLA Forms? Visit for Updated Expiration Date on Model Notices

Those with eagle eyes and current FMLA administration needs may have noticed the May 31, 2018, expiration of several model DOL forms. Never fear, fresh forms—now sporting a June 30, 2018, expiration—are now available from the DOL. Aside from the one-month expiration extension, no other changes have been made to the forms.