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Ask the Expert: Part-Time Employees and the New Overtime Rule

Regarding the new overtime rule and the minimum salary threshold for exempt status—how does it treat part-time employees who are currently exempt? For example, if a part-time worker in an exempt position making is $30k annually, but the full-time  equivalent is $60k, do they meet the requirement?

Ask the Expert: Can this Exempt Employee Be Paid Hourly?

We are a staffing company that employs W-2 contractors. We are trying to determine exempt vs. nonexempt status for an employee. The job is a Senior Systems Engineer. Utilizing an FLSA checklist, he meets the criteria for an exempt employee. However, he is not a salaried employee. Does the fact that he is paid hourly […]

Ask the Expert: Will Laying Off Enlisted Employee Violate USERRA?

We have just determined that we will be having a reduction in force. One of our employees, who was scheduled to be affected by the reduction, just notified us yesterday that he needed the day off to get a health exam as part of his enlistment process for military service. Since his selection for termination […]

Ask the Expert: Should Employee Be Paid for Enrolling in Benefits?

One of my clients has an employee who is requesting compensation for time spent enrolling in benefits using his/her personal time. The employees have limited access to computers since they work in a production area. The employer will have a computer set up for employees to use during the week of open enrollment. However, employees […]