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How Do We Handle Missing Time Cards?

We are a staffing company with employees in almost every state. Employees are non-exempt and submit hours worked via timecard. But what happens when we don’t receive one from the employee? Are we required to pay the employee even if we do not have a time card?

Ask the Expert: I Need Help with the Rules for FSA and HSA Eligibility!

Can an employee open up a Health Savings Account (HSA) if their spouse has a general purpose Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? If not, can they open up the HSA account once their spouse’s FSA is exhausted and closed? And once they do this, how does the employer who is contributing to the HSA abide by […]

Ask the Expert: ‘Claw back’ of Former Employee’s Bonus

An employee got a signing bonus last year, but has left the organization. We want to ‘claw back’ the bonus. How do we do this? Signing bonuses can be a helpful tool when hiring employees in difficult job markets or to fill jobs requiring very specific skill sets. The biggest issue with a signing bonus […]

Health Benefits For Employee On Disability

Can we ask an employee to pay their monthly portion for their health insurance while they are on disability? Thank you for your inquiry regarding employee health benefits while the employee is out on leave for a disability. The term “on disability” is a broad one that may encompass a variety of leave scenarios. For […]