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Ask the Expert: Should We Insist on Certification?

We have an employee who missed 6 days of work due to pneumonia. We sent her the FMLA paperwork however she never returned the Certification of Healthcare Provider. She is back and work. Must we insist that she have the Certification completed or can we say that her leave will be denied under FMLA? She […]

Ask the Expert: What Are the Rules for Work Travel?

I have a company that does lighting designs for events that require employees to travel from their homes to various locations. Sometimes travel is required out of state. Typically the travel time is one to two hours. Sometimes employees meet at the warehouse and ride in the company van. Do we pay for the time […]

Ask the Expert: Is our Graphic Designer Exempt or Non-exempt?

We have a graphic designer who currently we designate as non-exempt. I realize they can be an exempt position but we are trying to determine if the position is really exempt. His supervisor says that the employee comes up with ideas for advertising and develops them. My concern is that he does more routine, manual […]

How Do We Handle Missing Time Cards?

We are a staffing company with employees in almost every state. Employees are non-exempt and submit hours worked via timecard. But what happens when we don’t receive one from the employee? Are we required to pay the employee even if we do not have a time card?