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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

Telecommuting: A Reasonable ADA Accommodation?

You may think that the federal, state and local courts move at a glacial pace, but they often deliberate and resist change of opinion on employment law matters because, well, the modern workplace is a living, breathing, complex organism. Telecommuting is one such complexity, as are the multitude of situations that employers need to consider […]

Telecommuting: A VIP Benefit?

Employees often view the telework option as a form of recognition. They may see it as a privilege earned through good performance. Unfortunately, they also may see the work-life perk — offered to some, but not all — as an entitlement, or worse, they may see lack of telecommuting privileges as an inequity caused by […]

What’s Working in Recruiting 2012? Let’s Find Out!

It’s a new world of recruiting in 2012, and every employer needs to stay ahead of the curve. Who’s doing what in the real world of recruiting? Let’s find out. You need to know: Which recruiting sources are working best in 2012? What recruiting methods are most popular? Is social media really the best way […]

Rising Caregiver Responsibilities Fuel Push for Extra Worker Protections

The increasing need for employees to care for an older relative or friend should prompt an expansion of federal legal protections against workplace discrimination, according to a recent report by the AARP Public Policy Institute. In what the AARP report authors dub as the “new normal,” Protecting Family Caregivers from Employment Discrimination says discrimination in […]

Hiring 101 Part 11 – Making the Offer

If you have already conducted interviews and performed reference checks, it’s time to choose. In the last video in the Hiring 101 Series, Steve Bruce explains how to select the best candidate and make an offer that can’t be refused.

Hiring 101 Part 10 – Reference Checks

Reference checks and other background checks are important for verifying information and impressions from the interview, and for insuring that you are aware of any serious problems in the candidate’s past. In this video, HR Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce talks about how to conduct meaningful reference checks.

EEOC: Employers Must ‘Get Up to Speed’ on New ADA

Ignorance regarding recent amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act is no excuse for noncompliance; employers “should get up to speed” on these changes, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in announcing a settlement agreement this week. The agency added that the ADA amendments make it clear that employers should not overanalyze whether an […]

Should You Meet the Market, Lead It, or Lag It?

In yesterday’s Advisor, consultant Michael Strand began laying out seven key steps to move to market pricing. Today, the rest of the steps, plus news—your job descriptions are rewritten and ready to go. Strand, owner of consultancy HR Dynamics Inc., offered his seven steps to successful market pricing at a recent webinar hosted by BLR/HRhero. […]

Market Pricing? Seven Steps Will Get You There

Market pricing is critical for most every organization, says consultant Michael Strand. Without it, you’re likely to underpay (and lose your best workers) or overpay (and lose your profitability). Strand, owner of consultancy HR Dynamics Inc., offered his seven steps to successful market pricing at a recent webinar hosted by BLR/HRhero. 1. Identify Positions to […]