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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people. welcomes Phillip A. Smith as new company President

For more than 15 years, has been an established leader of the background screening industry: This month, the company welcomes Phillip A Smith—an accomplished professional with extensive industry experience—to the role of President. “I am looking forward to joining the team and to working with its outstanding group of professionals,” said Smith. “This […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Electronic Recordkeeping

In yesterday’s Advisor, attorney Catherine Gray covered the basics of electronic recordkeeping; today, its benefits and pitfalls, a warning about shadow records, plus help with the most basic records of all—job descriptions. Gray, an associate in the Hartford, Connecticut office of Robinson and Cole LLP, delivered her remarks at BLR’s National Employment Law Update recent, […]

Subject: Employee Referral Programs—Win-Win for Employees, HR

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered ROI and best practices for employee referral programs. Today, more on making such programs successful, and an introduction to the unique one-stop HR solutions center, Today’s tips come from human capital solutions company CareerBuilder® and it’s recent publication, Referral Madness—How Employee referral Programs Turn Good Employees into Great Recruiters […]

Referral: Top ROI of All Recruiting Methods

And the reward for highest recruiting ROI goes to … Employee Referral Programs. By the way, they also deliver the highest quality candidates, according to human capital solutions company CareerBuilder® In its Referral Madness—How Employee referral Programs Turn Good Employees into Great Recruiters and Grow Your Bottom Line, CareerBuilder cites studies indicating that for companies […]

Unsupportable Requirements in Job Description Doom Defense

Yesterday’s Advisor detailed job description horror stories. In today’s issue, another story, and an introduction to an extraordinary collection of job descriptions, written for you and ready to go. Unsupportable Requirements in the Job Description You don’t hire Susie for the shipping department job because the job description requires the ability to lift 80 pounds […]

How a Bad Job Description Lost an Airtight Case, and Other Horror Stories

We don’t often think of the lowly job description and horror stories in the same breath, but job description mistakes can cost dearly when the lawsuits are filed. Here’s what might happen when job descriptions aren’t accurate and up to date: Failed to Define Essential Functions One of the most common failures of job descriptions […]

9 Things You Don’t Want to Have to Admit in Court

Many times, the easiest way to train managers about HR issues is to ask them to imagine themselves on the witness stand. When they realize what they will have to admit to, they learn fast. “I fired him for no reason” This is the statement that “at-will believers” will have to make on the witness […]

Is It HR’s Job to Encourage Employee Complaints?

Yes, HR does want to encourage employee complaints. If you don’t, the complaints will go to the agencies and the lawyers, and then you’ve moved into a different ball game that’s being controlled by someone else. When the complaints come to you first, you can take action. Yesterday’s Advisor covered the watchdog role as part […]

Is Corporate Watchdog in the HR Job Description?

Is Corporate Watchdog part of your job description? On paper, probably not. But in practice, probably yes. Who else is going to do it? Marketing? IT? Finance? Puh—leese. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make that part of your job easier. Get Out and About You won’t pick up much information sitting in […]

‘Best of Intentions’ Mistakes Managers Make

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the first five major mistakes managers and supervisors—even with the best intentions—make. Today, more of Peter Janus’s tips, and a tip of our own about that nemesis of HR, job descriptions. Janus is a partner with Siegel, O’Conner, Zangari, O’Donnell & Beck, P.C. in Hartford, Connecticut. This material originally appeared […]