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Employee feedback, compliance, government forms, leave policies, recruiting: the list of tasks that an HR professional have to perform is nearly endless. Just as important as any one task is how professionals put them all together into a united front. Welcome to the Strategic HR topic.

Employee Excellence: No Tune-Up Needed

By Jen Carsen, JD I love my sturdy little Subaru – the all-wheel drive is particularly appreciated during our snowy New England winters! – but it’s a 2005 model that’s getting on in years (aren’t we all…). So I spend a fair amount of time at the auto body shop getting things looked at, tweaked, […]


HR Tech Investments Focused on Improved User Experience, Business Alignment

Human Resources organizations continue to move their management systems to the cloud as they seek improved user experience and stronger alignment with the business, according to a new survey from Information Services Group (ISG), a technology insights, market intelligence, and advisory services company.

The Connection Between Resilience and Positive Business Outcomes

Today’s employers are challenged to provide competitive wellness programs that not only support the wellbeing of their employees, but also improve the bottom line. As resilience building and mindfulness training programs continue to gain momentum in the workplace, meQuilibrium—a digital coaching platform—conducted a study to measure resilience against industry-standard psychological metrics and desired business outcomes.


Should Strategic Thinking Be Covered in Leadership Development Programs?

“An increasing number of organizations are putting strategic thinking on their list of topics. It’s becoming a bigger priority, and the reason is leaders need to address challenges now that are changing,” says Aaron K. Olson, chief talent officer at Aon plc and coauthor of Leading with Strategic Thinking. For example, technology, globalization, and unpredictability […]

Interviewers Need to Be Strategic About Their Job Interview Questions

By Kathy Harris, Harris Allied The interview process is being transformed. Standard interview questions that fail to reveal information relating to an employee’s job performance, or potential “fit,” with an organization are being tossed. Now, more companies are ditching brainteaser interview questions and focusing on the candidate’s past work experience.

Hiring Homerun: How to Play Smart with U.S. Job Creation and Hiring Trends

By Susan Vitale, iCIMS In a constantly changing industry, keeping a pulse check on current trends is a must for talent acquisition success. Although any player in the job market should be aware of its upcoming changes, it is up to recruiters to actively engage with these changes in order to produce best-practice hiring processes […]