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Employee feedback, compliance, government forms, leave policies, recruiting: the list of tasks that an HR professional have to perform is nearly endless. Just as important as any one task is how professionals put them all together into a united front. Welcome to the Strategic HR topic.

Lessons about Leadership, Teamwork, and Alignment from the Seattle Seahawks

By Lynda Silsbee, Performance Dimensions Group After making back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl the past few years (and winning it once), the 2-time defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks fell just short of an epic comeback against the Carolina Panthers in this year’s NFL playoffs. Without question, Seattle has emerged as one of the elite […]

Leadership Lessons from the Seahawks

by Lynda Silsbee The success of the Seattle Seahawks can teach business leaders a great deal about leadership, teamwork, and alignment. To demonstrate how, we present an article by Lynda Silsbee, SPHR, founder and principal consultant at Performance Dimensions Group, a boutique consulting group that provides the resources and skills to nurture organizations along the […]

5 Ways for Your Managers to Conquer Fear

by Edward G. Brown In yesterday’s Advisor, Edward G. Brown discussed the importance of training managers to overcome their fear by using courage as a third-space skill in the workplace. Today, Brown shares five ways to do just that.

Courage, Cowardice, and Career—Teach Your Managers to Conquer Fear

by Edward G. Brown Fear is a crippling emotion, both in life and in the workplace. Edward G. Brown, author of The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had and cofounder of Cohen Brown Management Group, explains how fear is detrimental to proper management—and courage, like any other skill, needs to […]

Shared Talent Pools may be the Key to Finding In-demand Talent, says ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup Solutions, the world’s largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, announced in a press release, has released a new white paper, “Collaborating with Competitors: Sharing Talent Pools to Meet Workforce Challenges,” which explores the benefits of creating talent pools that are shared amongst competitors in the same industry.

Survey Shows ‘Distributed Work’ Settings on the Increase

A new research report explores how the workplace has evolved over the last 5 years and how organizations are using new workplace strategies, such as “distributed work,” to improve the productivity and success of workers.

HR Works Podcast Launches

by Steve Bruce and Jen Carsen BLR’s new podcast, HR Works, provides clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to HR professionals. When you’re armed with best practices, plus the knowledge to keep your organization in compliance, HR works!