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Employee feedback, compliance, government forms, leave policies, recruiting: the list of tasks that an HR professional have to perform is nearly endless. Just as important as any one task is how professionals put them all together into a united front. Welcome to the Strategic HR topic.

What Smaller Companies Want: 7 Needs for Effective Benefits Management

By VJ Bala, senior vice president and head of marketing,  hCentive When going up against larger competitors for a limited pool of highly qualified employees, small to midsized companies often find themselves at a disadvantage, particularly when it comes to benefits. Big businesses typically have access to a wider range of benefits and can offer […]

5 Common Missteps When Achieving an Optimistic Workplace

In his book The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment that Energizes Everyone, management and leadership consultant Shawn Murphy tackles the challenge and argues that our best work is the product of a positive environment. “How it feels to work within an organization is a critical workforce development issue. We need more leaders who are willing […]

Younger Workers Value Benefits, but Concerned about Flexibility, Affordability

A new survey from Mercer, representing a cross-section of the national workforce, found that most workers are satisfied with their company’s benefits. However, many respondents, especially younger workers, said they are concerned about the affordability and flexibility of these benefits in the future, especially concerning health care and retirement. Only 41% of respondents see health […]

The Slippery Slope into Unethical Activity

Have you ever wondered how some companies can end up in the news for shockingly poor decisions—ones that are often illegal and/or unethical? It always makes one wonder: how did that even start? Does it mean there was just a “bad apple” that ended up taking down the organization with their choices? Or is it […]

Top Execs Have Confidence Despite Global Volatility

Deloitte Consulting, LLP’s business confidence report 2016 reveals, for the second year in a row, that America’s top leaders, chief executive officers (CXOs), and chief executives-in-waiting (CXOWs—those who are next in line to the C-suite) have a very high level of confidence despite global volatility.

Report: Millennials Plan to ‘Work ‘til They Die’

Millennials are set to run career ultramarathons and anticipate taking breaks along the way, according to press release on a new ManpowerGroup report. According to the report, Millennials prioritize job security and the opportunity for new challenges and types of work.

Critical Success Factors in Building a Better Workplace

By Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones Building better workplaces is not an alternative to, but rather a means for, responding to the new challenges of capitalism, for building productivity, unleashing creativity, and winning. Why Should Anyone Work Here? What it takes to Create and Authentic Organization provides the tools to help assess how your own […]