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It’s hard to talk HR at all today without talking HR Technology. From your ATS to your HRIS we’ve got all of your tech acronyms covered in this category.

Is Software like AI Evolving Faster than We Can Keep Up?

Yesterday we began a discussion with the Chief Product Officer of Monster, Chris Cho, concerning artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of HR and recruiting. Without further ado, here is the rest of that discussion.

Many Companies Don’t Value L&D–Does Yours?

 It should come as no surprise that we are big proponents of learning and development (L&D) activities in companies. After all, we are firm believers that a company’s human capital is one of the—if not the—most valuable assets. So, we are surprised when we see research and data showing a relative disregard for the importance […]


How to Fix 5 Common Problems with Training Videos

For employees, few terms may elicit a sense of impending boredom than “training video.” For many, the idea of a training video elicits images of outdated and hokey content filmed using terrible “actors.”

Top 8 Benefits of Adaptive E-Learning (Part 1)

What Is Adaptive E-Learning? Believe it or not, adaptive learning has been around since before the 1970s. But it was, of course, a lot more difficult to understand and implement back then because it relies on computers, algorithms, and programming to really be effective. Now you probably know of adaptive learning as “personalized learning.” There […]

4 Big Benefits of AI for HR Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up frequently in HR-related literature as holding the potential to offer big benefits for many types of organizations and roles, including human resource management. A TLNT article offers four specific applications. Four Big Benefits of AI Laura Mather points to some clear and specific applications of AI to help streamline […]

Can AI Help Demonstrate Business Impact of Training?

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents the ability to leverage technology in ways that allow that technology to learn and improve over time. Already, in markets like manufacturing, AI is being used to streamline processes and perform tasks that can free up employees to focus on higher-impact work. In HR, AI has been identified as a tool […]