10 HR Technology Disruptions to Expect in 2018

A new report finds that HR technology market is reinventing itself—and that three key microtrends are driving the reinvention.  In the report from Bersin by Deloitte, Principal & Founder Josh Bersin identifies these mircrotrends as:

  1. Changes in the overall technology landscape, by which changes in overall technology changes are quickly bringing new functionality to the world of HR
  2. Changes in the way we work, a “hyperactive new working environment” requiring HR technology to make work easier or risk not being used by most people and
  3. Changes in the way we manage organizations, which puts team management at the center of organizational design

The report identifies 10 related disruptions in the market likely to transform the overall landscape—each of which is identified and introduced in the below Bersin infographic.

For much more on the microtrends and the 10 disruptors identified below, visit Bersin by Deloitte for access to the full report.