Helping Managers ‘Thaw’ the ‘Frozen Middle’ (Infographic)

Are your middle managers suffering from the “frozen middle”? According to Eric Ciechanowski, for JobHero, “The frozen middle is the term used to describe the role that middle management plays in company progress when initiatives are handed down and they slow in the middle.”

Ciechanowski breaks it down further by saying that managers are “often tasked with carrying out strategies and direction from upper-level management but aren’t involved in the creation of those initiatives from the company.”

Ciechanowski adds, “If the direction handed down to them is misunderstood, the middle manager may be less effective at carrying out the goals of the executives,” and thus, the frozen middle is born. So how can leaders help middle management overcome this challenge? The answer can be found in the infographic below. To learn more about the frozen middle, click here.

Frozen middle