Hiring Trends for Q4 2017 Remain Positive; Uptick in Manufacturing Jobs

U.S. employers expect the pace of hiring to remain positive in Q4, with one in five employers (21%) planning to add staff. Of the more than 11,500 U.S. employers surveyed, 71% expect to maintain their headcounts, just 6% expect workforce reductions and 2% are unsure. Employers across all sectors report favorable hiring intentions, with those in durable goods manufacturing reporting the strongest intentions in the past 10 years.

“Technological disruption is transforming manufacturing into a high-tech, high-skilled industry,” said Michael Stull, Senior Vice President, Manpower North America. “At the same time, demand for ‘Made in America’ continues to grow and organizations are stepping up their manufacturing efforts here on US soil. From New York to New Mexico, manufacturing companies are looking for increasingly specific skills. That’s why we’re working with companies like Rockwell Automation to build the right-skilled advanced manufacturing workforce to help fuel America’s growth. Other sectors would do well to follow the upskilling trend—the skills of the future will look very different from today. We can’t afford to wait and see exactly what these skills might be. We need to build the plane while flying it too.”

The infographic below highlights key findings from the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook. For more information, click here.